Swarm::cEffectWorld class

Base classes

class Swarm::IEffectWorld
An effect world is a space in the game which contains effects.
class IVirtual
A default interface that provides a virtual destructor, it should only be used internally.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

cEffectWorld(ISwarmManager* pManager, SwarmManagerStruct*)

Protected functions

void SetLOD(float value, int) pure virtual

Protected variables

int mnRefCount
bool field_0C
int field_10
ISwarmManager* mpManager
SwarmManagerStruct* field_18
int field_1C
SwarmState mState
bool field_24
int field_28
int field_2C
vector<IEffect> field_30
vector<int> field_44
vector<int> field_58
vector<int> field_6C
int field_80
int field_84
float field_88
int field_8C
int field_90
string field_94