Terrain::Sphere::cTerrainSphere class

Base classes

class Terrain::ITerrain
class Graphics::IRenderable
This interface defines an object that can be rendered, and whose render method is called on every game loop.
class App::IMessageListener
An interface that can receive messages sent through the app.
class Terrain::unk_class_0x13F3628
class Resource::ResourceObject
A type of object that is used as a resource.

Public types

struct TerrainModification
class TextureContainer

Public static functions

static auto Create() -> cTerrainSphere*

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

ASSERT_SIZE(TextureContainer, 0x44)
ASSERT_SIZE(TerrainModification, 0xAC)

Public functions

void Generate(int* unused0 = nullptr, int* unused1 = nullptr, bool = false, bool generateSingleStep = false, float generateTimeLimit = 10.0f)

Public variables

int field_24
PropertyListPtr mpPropList
cTerrainMapSetPtr mpTerrainMapSet
TextureContainer field_30
TextureContainer field_74
TextureContainer field_B8
TextureContainer* mpLoader
OnLoadFinish_t mOnLoadFinish
void* mOnLoadFinishObject
bool mTerrainGenerateSingleStep
float mTerrainGenerateTimeLimit
bool field_110
bool field_111
int field_114
cTerrainSphereQuad* field_118
cTerrainSphereQuad* field_130
TexturePtr field_148
TexturePtr field_160
TexturePtr field_178
vector<void*> field_190
vector<int> field_1A4
vector<int> field_1B8
uint32_t mSeed
int field_1D0
int mPlanetLODChunkRes
float mPlanetUnderwaterCullRadius
float mPlanetUnderwaterLargeCullRadius
float mPlanetUnderwaterCullRadiusMultiplier
float field_1E4
bool field_1E8
float field_1EC
float field_1F0
float field_1F4
float field_1F8
float field_1FC
float field_200
float field_204
float field_208
cTerrainStateMgr* mpTerrainStateMgr
cWeatherManagerPtr mpWeatherManager
int field_214
vector<int> field_218
vector<int> field_22C
vector<int> field_240
vector<int> field_254
vector<int> field_268
vector<int> field_27C
vector<int> field_290
vector<int> field_2A4
vector<int> field_2B8
vector<int> field_2CC
vector<int> field_2E0
vector<int> field_2F4
TexturePtr field_308
Vector4 mCameraPos
Vector4 mCameraDir
Vector4 mSunDir
bool field_33C
bool field_33D
int field_340
int field_344
bool field_348
float mMungeHeightMapScale
float mMungeWindMapScale
float mMungeTempMapScale
float mMungeLatMapScale
float mMungeAlphaNoiseStrength
float field_360
float field_364
int8_t field_368
int field_36C
bool field_370
char padding_374
Vector4 field_494
bool field_4F4
bool field_4F5
TerrainState mTerrainState
Vector4 mTramp
Vector4 field_6B8
Vector4 field_6C8
Vector4 field_6D8
vector<int> field_758
bool mAssetsLoaded
vector<TerrainModification> mModelFootprints
vector<TerrainModification> mModelNeedRelevel
vector<TerrainModification> mPlayerEffects
int mNumModels
vector<ResourceKey> mModelKeys
vector<Transform> mModelTransforms
vector<ModelPtr> mModels
vector<IEffectPtr> mAmbientEffects
vector<IEffectPtr> mAmbientSoundEffects
int mPlayerModCount
int field_818
int field_81C
char padding_820
bool field_880
int field_884
int field_888
int field_88C
int field_890
int field_894
int field_898
int field_89C
void* mpImpostorJob
int field_8A4
int field_8A8
bool mAllowUnderwaterObjects
vector<pair<IModelWorldPtr, int>> mUnderwaterModelWorlds
vector<pair<IAnimWorldPtr, int>> mUnderwaterAnimWorlds
int field_8D8
int field_8DC
int field_8E0
App::cViewer* mpTerrainViewer
Transform field_8E8
int field_920
void* mpDecalManager
void* mpTerrainDraw
char padding_92C
float field_A1C
float field_A20
float field_A24
float field_A28
float field_A2C
float field_A30
float field_A34
ColorRGBA field_A38
int field_A48
void* mpQuadBuffersPool

Variable documentation

Vector4 Terrain::Sphere::cTerrainSphere::field_6D8