SporeModder FX (~116,000 lines of code)

  • A fully-fledged program to modify the game files and convert many of its proprietary file formats.
  • It features a user-friendly GUI, a text editor with syntax-highlighting and error detecting, a model and texture viewer, automatic updates.
  • Developed with Java using JavaFX for the user interface.

Spore ModAPI SDK (~78,000 lines of code)

  • A C++ library used to inject code into the videogame Spore, through DLL injection.
  • It supports many structures and functions of the game that have been discovered by reverse engineering the game’s x86 assembly code.

SporeModder Blender Addons (~12,000 lines of code)

  • Addons for the popular, open-source 3D modelling software Blender.
  • Has support for importing and exporting several 3D model an animation formats of the game.
  • Developed in Python.

Spore Cpp Decompiler (private) (~10,000 lines of code)

  • Graphical disassembler to partially interpret and decompile x86 into C++, specifically from the videogame Spore.
  • Developed in C#, user interface made in Avalonia.

Oligopoly (private) (~7,000 lines of code)

  • Work in progress videogame inspired by the popular board game Monopoly.
  • Supports online multiplayer.
  • Developed in Unity.

Vocabularium (private) (~3,500 lines of code)

  • Android app developed in Kotlin.
  • Meant to act as a dictionary and vocabulary learning tool, it scraps data from Wiktionary.

JavaFXRibbon (~3,000 lines of code)

  • Ribbon user interface layout developed for JavaFX.

Spore Mods

Several minor projects are mods for the videogame Spore, using the tools I developed: