App::cStringDetokenizer class

The class responsible for translating text tokens, which are special characters in locale files.

In locale files, tokens are surrounded with ~ characters, and get replaced in-game with a text provided by an App::ITokenTranslator class.

Base classes

class ITokenTranslator

Public functions

void func18h() virtual
void AddTranslator(ITokenTranslator* pTranslator) virtual
void RemoveTranslator(ITokenTranslator* pTranslator) virtual
auto HasTokens(const char16_t* pStr) const -> bool virtual
auto func28h(int, string16& dst) -> bool virtual
auto ProcessString(const char16_t* pStr, string16& dst) -> bool virtual
auto func30h(LocalizedString*, pair<uint32_t, string16>* pTokensBegin, pair<uint32_t, string16>* pTokensEnd) -> bool virtual
void func34h(const char16_t* pStr, int index) virtual
auto ProcessStringEx(const char16_t* pStr, string16& dst, pair<uint32_t, string16>* pTokensBegin = nullptr, pair<uint32_t, string16>* pTokensEnd = nullptr) -> bool virtual
auto FindTokenTranslation(const char16_t* pToken, string16& dst) const -> bool virtual

Protected variables

vector<ITokenTranslatorPtr> mTranslators
string16 field_1C