Pollinator::cAssetMetadata class

The class representation of .pollen_metadata files, which represent the metadata (name, author, time created,...) of a creation.

You can get a metadata object using Pollinator::GetMetadata()

Base classes

class Resource::ResourceObject
A type of object that is used as a resource.

Public static variables

static const uint32_t TYPE

Public functions

auto Cast(uint32_t type) const -> void* override
auto GetAssetID() const -> int64_t
auto GetParentAssetID() const -> int64_t
auto GetOriginalParentAssetID() const -> int64_t
auto GetAssetKey() const -> const ResourceKey&
auto GetParentAssetKey() const -> const ResourceKey&
auto GetTimeCreated() -> int64_t
auto GetTimeDownloaded() -> int64_t
auto GetName() const -> eastl::string16
auto GetDescription() const -> eastl::string16
auto GetAuthor() const -> eastl::string16
auto GetAuthorID() const -> int64_t
auto GetAuthors() const -> const eastl::vector<eastl::string8>&
auto GetTags() const -> const eastl::vector<eastl::string16>&
auto GetConsequenceTraits() const -> const eastl::vector<uint32_t>&
auto IsShareable() const -> bool
auto IsLocalized() const -> bool
auto Set(const ResourceKey& assetKey, const char16_t* pName, const char16_t* pDescription, const char16_t* pTags, const ResourceKey& parentAssetKey, bool isPollinated) -> bool

Public variables

int64_t mAssetID
ResourceKey mAssetKey
ResourceKey mParentAssetKey
int64_t mParentAssetID
int64_t mOriginalParentAssetID
int64_t mTimeCreated
int64_t mTimeDownloaded
eastl::string16 mAuthorName
int64_t mAuthorID
int mUseLocale
bool mIsShareable
eastl::string16 mName
eastl::string16 mDescription
eastl::vector<eastl::string8> mAuthors
eastl::vector<eastl::string16> mTags
eastl::vector<uint32_t> mConsequenceTraits