UTFWin::IScrollbarDrawable class

An abstract class that has the methods that a drawable for a scrollbar would require.

Base classes

class UTFWinObject

Derived classes

class ScrollbarDrawable
The standard IDrawable for a scrollbar component.

Public types

enum ImageIndices { kImageBackground = 0, kImageDecrementButton = 1, kImageDecrementArea = 2, kImageThumb = 3, kImageThumbContainer = 4, kImageIncrementArea = 5, kImageIncrementButton = 6 }

Public static variables

static const uint32_t TYPE

Public functions

auto ToDrawable() -> IDrawable* pure virtual
Get the IDrawable instance that represents this class.
auto SetImage(int index, Image* pImage) -> void pure virtual
Set the images used by this drawable.

Function documentation

void UTFWin::IScrollbarDrawable::SetImage(int index, Image* pImage) pure virtual

Set the images used by this drawable.

index The index of the image to set.
pImage The image.

The index is one of the AbstractScrollbarDrawable::kImage... values.