Simulator::cCommunityLayout struct

Also used by Tribe, related with city layout.

Public functions

auto SetParameters(const Math::Vector3& origin, float, const Math::Vector3& direction, float) -> void
auto InitializeSlots(const eastl::vector<Math::Vector3>& positions, float) -> void
Initializes the layout with all empty slots, in the specified positions.
auto SnapSlotsToPlanet() -> void
Moves all existing slots to be on the surface of the planet.

Public variables

Vector3 mDirection
Local Y axis.
float field_C
float field_10
Vector3 mOrigin
float field_20
int field_24
bool field_28
Quaternion field_2C
eastl::vector<int> field_3C
eastl::vector<cLayoutSlot> mSlots