Simulator::cEllipticalOrbit::OrbitCache struct


Public variables

float mSemiMajorAxis
The a parameter of an ellipse, also known as semi-major axis, length(mPerihelion) / (1 - mEccentricity)
float mSemiMajorAxisSquared
mSemiMajorAxis * mSemiMajorAxis
float mSemiMinorAxis
The b parameter of an ellipse, also known as semi-minor axis, sqrt(mSemiMajorAxisSquared - mFociSquared)
float mSemiMinorAxisSquared
mSemiMinorAxis * mSemiMinorAxis
float mFoci
The c parameter of an ellipse, mSemiMajorAxis * mEccentricity
float mFociSquared
mFoci * mFoci
float mEccentricitySquared
mEccentricity * mEccentricity
float field_1C
(a^2 + b^2) * pi / 2
Math::Vector3 mPerihelionNormalized
mPerihelion / length(mPerihelion)
Math::Vector3 mDescendingNode
crossProduct(mPlaneNormal, mPerihelion)
Math::Vector3 mFocus
Focus closest to the perihelion, the object orbits around this. mFoci * mPerihelionNormalized