Interacting with the Sporepedia

How to show the Sporepedia to the player.

Sometimes we need the player to select a creation from the Sporepedia. This is done with shopper requests: they use a configuration file in the AssetBrowserConfig folder to know what text to show to the player, what possible creation types it can select, etc

We can prompt a Sporepedia shopper request by using the Sporepedia::ShopperRequest class. To react when the player selects the creation and clicks the Accept button, we will need to create a class that extends Sporepedia::IShopperListener class.

class MyListener
    : public Sporepedia::IShopperListener
    void OnShopperAccept(const ResourceKey& selection) override;

The OnShopperAccept() method will be called when the user choses a creation and clicks the Accept button. The parameter it receives is the key code that identifies the creation. The folder and type depend on the creation (for example, for creatures the type is crt, for buildings it's bld, etc). You can get information about the creation by using the Pollinator::GetMetadata() method:

void OnShopperAccept(const ResourceKey& selection)
    auto metadata = Pollinator::GetMetadata(selection.instanceID, selection.groupID);
    App::ConsolePrintF("You selected the creation %ls", metadata->GetName().c_str());

Now, to show the Sporepedia, at some point in your code (for example, on a cheat, or when the user clicks a button) you will have to execute this:

// 'listener' is an instance of a class that implements IShopperListener,
// for example the MyListener we showed before

Sporepedia::ShopperRequest request(listener);
request.shopperID = id("MilitaryAirShopper");

You use SetShopperID() to tell which shopper configuration you use. The value is the ID of a .prop file in the AssetBrowserConfig folder. If no shopper ID is used, by default it uses GlobalTemplate which shows all types of creations. Another interesting method is `request.SetSelection()`, which allows you to show an already-selected creation to the player.

Usually IShopperListener is not implemented alone; usually it's part of a bigger class. For example, you can make a cheat that is also a shopper listener:

class MyListener
    : public ArgScript::ICommand
    , public Sporepedia::IShopperListener

As an example of a mod that uses this, check the source code of GmdlExport. This mod adds a cheat that shows the Sporepedia.