App::UpdateMessageListener class

A message listener used for Update script methods.

Mostly of internal use, average developer does not need this class.

Base classes

class DefaultMessageListener
A class that inherits from App::IMessageListener and defines an implementation for the AddRef() and Release() metods.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

UpdateMessageListener(VoidFunction_T function)
UpdateMessageListener(IUpdatable* updatable)

Public functions

auto HandleMessage(uint32_t messageID, void* msg) -> bool override
Called every time a message is received.

Protected variables

VoidFunction_T mFunction
IUpdatablePtr mpUpdatable

Function documentation

bool App::UpdateMessageListener::HandleMessage(uint32_t messageID, void* msg) override

Called every time a message is received.

messageID The ID of the message received.
msg The data of the message received, it might be nullptr.
Returns Whether the message was handled or not.

Only the messages with an ID this listener signed up for will call this event.