App::IMessageListener class

An interface that can receive messages sent through the app.

Using the App::IMessageManager, listeners sign up to receive certain message IDs.

Derived classes

class Anim::cAnimManagerImpl
class cGameModeManager
The implementation of IGameModeManager; this should only be used for extending and detouring.
class cPropManager
The implementation of IPropManager; this should only be used for extending and detouring.
class DefaultMessageListener
A class that inherits from App::IMessageListener and defines an implementation for the AddRef() and Release() metods.
class ICameraManager
This manager handles the cameras in the game.
class LambdaMessageListener
An implementation of IMessageListener using lambda functions.
class Editors::cEditor
class Editors::EditorCamera
class Editors::EditorUI
class GameCiv::GameCiv
class Graphics::cRenderTargetManager
class Palettes::cSPScenarioBrushItemUI
class Palettes::OutfitterItemUI
class Palettes::PaletteCategoryUI
This class holds all information related with the user interface of a palette category.
class Simulator::cCity
class Simulator::cCivilization
class Simulator::cGameBehaviorManager
class Simulator::cGameNounManager
class Simulator::cGameViewManager
class Simulator::cRelationshipManager
class Simulator::cSimulatorSpaceGame
class Simulator::cSimulatorSystem
class Simulator::cStarManager
class Terrain::cWeatherManager
class Terrain::Sphere::cTerrainSphere
class UI::EditorNamePanel
class UI::SpaceGameUI

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

~IMessageListener() virtual

Public functions

auto HandleMessage(uint32_t messageID, void* msg) -> bool pure virtual
Called every time a message is received.
auto AddRef() -> int pure virtual
auto Release() -> int pure virtual

Function documentation

bool App::IMessageListener::HandleMessage(uint32_t messageID, void* msg) pure virtual

Called every time a message is received.

messageID The ID of the message received.
msg The data of the message received, it might be nullptr.
Returns Whether the message was handled or not.

Only the messages with an ID this listened signed up for will call this event.