Simulator::cCivilization class

Base classes

class cGameData
class Editors::INameableEntity
class App::IMessageListener
An interface that can receive messages sent through the app.
class cIdentityColorable
A Simulator class inherited by all those classes that can have an identity color, such as empires, tribes, etc.

Public static variables

static const uint32_t TYPE

Public variables

cCultureSet mCultureSet
bool mInitialized
bool mIsPlayerOwned
bool mIsNeutral
bool mCommNotifiedFirstCityCapture
bool mCommNotifiedWarning
bool mHasDeveloped
bool mAttackedByMilitary
bool mAttackedByReligion
bool mSurrendered
bool field_91
bool mTargetMinerals
bool mFirstMinerals
bool mFirstBudget
float mWealth
vector<cCityPtr> mCities
vector<cVehiclePtr> mVehicles
ColorRGB mPrimaryColor
uint32_t mCultureId
vector<cSpatialObjectPtr> mSelectableObjectVector
cGonzagoTimer mHumanAttackTimer
cGonzagoTimer mHumanProposeTimer
cGonzagoTimer mProposeRouteTimer
cGonzagoTimer mBuildMilitaryUnitsTimer
cGonzagoTimer mBuildReligionUnitsTimer
cGonzagoTimer mBuildEconUnitsTimer
cGonzagoTimer mExpansionMineralTimer
cGonzagoTimer mClaimMineralTimer
cGonzagoTimer mDemandTimer
cGonzagoTimer mEmbargoTimer
cGonzagoTimer mAllianceTimer
cGonzagoTimer mNemesisTimer
ResourceKey mSpeciesKey
ICityMusicPtr mCityMusic
string16 mName
string16 mDescription
int mVehicleTechLevel
int mCommRelPanelSlot
uint32_t mCurrentCommEventId
cGameDataPtr mpCurrentCommSource
cCityPtr mpCurrentCommTargetCity
int field_2AC
cGonzagoTimer field_2B0
int field_2D0
cGonzagoTimer field_2D4
int field_2F8
cGonzagoTimer field_300
bool field_320
cGonzagoTimer field_328
bool field_348
cGonzagoTimer field_350
bool field_370
cGonzagoTimer field_378
bool field_398
cGonzagoTimer field_3A0
bool field_3C0
cGonzagoTimer field_3C8
bool field_3E8
cGonzagoTimer field_3F0
map<cCityPtr, float> mDistanceToCityMap
int field_42C
bool field_430
bool field_431
int field_434
int field_438
int field_43C
int field_440
int field_444
float field_448
int field_44C
int field_450
int field_454
cCityPtr mMilitaryExpansionCity
cCityPtr mReligiousExpansionCity
cCityPtr mDiploAttackCity
cCommodityNodePtr mExpansionMineral
cCommodityNodePtr mClaimMineral
cCivilizationPtr mNemesisCiv
vector<DefaultRefCounted> field_470
int field_484
int field_488
int field_48C
vector<cGonzagoTimer> mSuperweaponCooldown
ObjectPtr field_4A4
int field_4A8
float mDomesticBudget
float mExpansionBudget
int mUpdateMoneyCount
int mForceMinDiploCount
int field_4BC
int mMilitaryCaptureCount
int mReligiousCaptureCount
int mEconomicCaptureCount
bool mbLauncedIWinWeapon
int mHighestCityCount