Simulator::cGameData class

Base classes

class ISimulatorSerializable
class DefaultRefCounted
The default implementation of a reference counted class.

Derived classes

class cBuilding
class cCelestialBody
class cCityTerritory
class cCityWalls
class cCivilization
class cCommodityNode
class cCommunity
The following attributes are saved:
class cCreatureBase
class cDefaultAoEArea
class cDefaultBeamProjectile
class cGameDataUFO
class cGameplayMarker
class cGameTerrainCursor
class cInteractableObject
class cOrnament
class cPlanet
class cSpaceInventory
class cStar
class cVehicle
class cVisiblePlanet

Public static variables

static const uint32_t TYPE
static const uint32_t NOUN_ID

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

~cGameData() virtual

Public functions

auto AddRef() -> int override
auto Release() -> int override
auto Cast(uint32_t type) const -> void* override
auto Write(ISerializerStream* stream) -> bool pure virtual
auto Read(ISerializerStream* stream) -> bool override
auto func18h() -> bool override
auto WriteToXML(XmlSerializer*) -> bool override
auto SetDefinitionID(int, int, int) -> bool virtual
arg0->field_4 is definition ID, field_C is prop, field_0 is noun ID
void SetGameDataOwner(cGameData* pOwner) virtual
auto IsDestroyed() -> bool virtual
auto GetGameDataOwner() -> cGameData* virtual
void SetGameDataOwner2(cGameData* pOwner) virtual
auto GetCastID() const -> uint32_t pure virtual
Returns the TYPE field of the class, that is used for object casting.
auto func3Ch(int) -> bool virtual
auto func40h() -> bool virtual
void RemoveOwner() virtual
void SetPoliticalID(uint32_t id) virtual
auto GetPoliticalID() -> uint32_t virtual
auto WriteAsText(int) -> int virtual

Protected variables

int field_14
int field_18
int field_1C
bool field_20
bool mbIsDestroyed
uint32_t mID
uint32_t mDefinitionID
intrusive_ptr<cGameData> mpGameDataOwner
uint32_t mPoliticalID