Simulator::cBuilding class

Base class for all buildings in Simulator game modes.

This class cannot be instantiated; instead, you have to create instances of specific building types:

Base classes

class cGameData
Base class for most Simulator objects.
class cSpatialObject
A 3D model in the Simulator.
class cBehaviorList
class cCombatant
Any object that has hit points and can combat other units.
class cPlaceableStructure
A structure that can be placed into a community slot, like buildings, turrets, ornaments and tribe tools.

Derived classes

class cBuildingCityHall
class cBuildingEntertainment
class cBuildingHouse
class cBuildingIndustry
class cBuildingScenario

Public types

struct _Unknown1

Public static variables

static const uint32_t TYPE

Public functions

void SetOwnerCity1(cCity* pCity) virtual
void SetOwnerCity2(cCity* pCity) virtual
auto GetCost() -> float virtual
auto func60h() -> float virtual
auto IsOn() -> bool virtual
Returns the mbIsOn variable.
void SetIsOn(bool isOn) virtual
Sets the mbIsOn variable.
auto func6Ch() -> bool virtual
void func70h(bool value) virtual
auto func74h() -> const char16_t* virtual
auto func78h() -> bool virtual
auto func7Ch(const Math::Vector3&) -> bool virtual
auto func80h() -> float virtual
auto GetOwnerCity() -> cCity* virtual
auto func88h() -> bool virtual
auto func8Ch() -> Math::Vector3& virtual
auto AddRef() -> int pure virtual
auto Release() -> int pure virtual
auto Cast() const -> void* pure virtual

Public variables

cSpaceInventoryPtr mpSpaceInventory
Used by scenario buildings?
eastl::intrusive_ptr<cCity> mpOwnerCity
bool mbIsOn
_Unknown1 mEvents
ResourceKey mNormalModelKey
bool mbIrradiated
cGonzagoTimer mAttackTimer
cGonzagoTimer mDestroyTimer
eastl::string16 field_278
bool field_288
bool mbConnected
int mEffectiveness
int mFreezeCount
int mMoneyCount
int mHappyCount
int mUnhappyCount
eastl::vector<int> field_2A0
eastl::vector<int> field_2B4
eastl::vector<int> field_2C8
eastl::vector<int> field_2DC
bool field_2F0
eastl::vector<int> field_2F4
eastl::vector<int> field_308
cGonzagoTimer field_320

Function documentation

void Simulator::cBuilding::SetIsOn(bool isOn) virtual

Sets the mbIsOn variable.