Simulator::cSpatialObject class

Derived classes

class cBuilding
class cCity
class cCityTerritory
class cCityWalls
class cCommodityNode
class cDefaultAoEArea
class cDefaultBeamProjectile
class cGameplayMarker
class cGameTerrainCursor
class cInteractableObject
class cLocomotiveObject
class cOrnament
class cPlanet
class cVisiblePlanet

Public static variables

static const uint32_t TYPE

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

~cSpatialObject() virtual

Public functions

void func00h(int) virtual
auto func04h() -> int virtual
auto func08h() -> int virtual
void Reset() virtual
Sets this model as invisible in its IModelWorld and sets the model and model world to nullptr.
auto Write(void* arg_0) -> int virtual
auto Read(void* arg_0) -> int virtual
auto func1Ch(int) -> bool virtual
auto func20h() -> bool virtual
auto IsRolledOver() -> bool virtual
void SetIsRolledOver(bool bValue) virtual
auto GetPosition() -> const Vector3& virtual
auto GetOrientation() -> const Quaternion& virtual
auto GetScale() -> float virtual
void SetPosition(const Vector3& value) virtual
void SetOrientation(const Quaternion& value) virtual
void SetScale(float fValue) virtual
void func44h(int) virtual
auto IsOnView() -> bool virtual
void SetIsOnView(bool bValue) virtual
auto IsSelected() -> bool virtual
void SetIsSelected(bool bValue) virtual
auto func58h() -> bool virtual
auto GetDirection() -> Vector3 virtual
Returns the local Y axis of this spatial object.
auto func60h() -> Vector3 virtual
void SetLocalExtents(const BoundingBox& localExtents, float fScale) virtual
auto GetLocalExtents() -> const BoundingBox& virtual
auto func6Ch(int) -> int virtual
auto GetBoundingRadius() -> float virtual
auto GetFootprintRadius() -> float virtual
auto GetMaxZ() -> float virtual
auto func7Ch(bool, Point& dst) -> Point& virtual
void func80h() virtual
void func84h() virtual
auto HasModelChanged() -> bool virtual
void SetHasModelChanged(bool bValue) virtual
auto HasModel() -> bool virtual
void SetModelKey(const ResourceKey& modelKey) virtual
auto GetModelKey() -> const ResourceKey& virtual
auto func9Ch() -> bool virtual
void SetModelWorld(Graphics::IModelWorld* pModelWorld) virtual
void funcA4h() virtual
void SetModel(Graphics::Model* pModel, Graphics::IModelWorld* pModelWorld) virtual
auto GetModel() -> Graphics::Model* virtual
auto GetModelWorld() -> Graphics::IModelWorld* virtual
void funcB4h(string& dst) virtual
auto Cast(uint32_t type) -> void* virtual
auto AddRef() -> int pure virtual
auto Release() -> int pure virtual

Public variables

uint32_t mFlags

Protected variables

Vector3 mPosition
Quaternion mOrientation
BoundingBox mOriginalLocalExtents
BoundingBox mLocalExtents
uint32_t mMaterialType
float field_58
float mBoundingRadius
float mFootprintRadius
float mScale
float mDistanceFromCamera
bool mbIsSelected
bool mbIsRolledOver
bool mbIsInvalid
bool mbPickable
bool mbIsTangible
bool mbFixed
If a model is fixed, it isn't affected by any kind of physics.
bool mbIsBeingEdited
bool mbModelChanged
bool mbTransformDirty
bool mbEnabled
bool mbInView
bool mbSupported
bool mbIsGhost
float field_7C
float field_80
float field_84
float field_88
float field_8C
ResourceKey mModelKey
intrusive_ptr<Graphics::Model> mpModel
intrusive_ptr<Graphics::IModelWorld> mpModelWorld
bool field_A4
bool field_A5
bool mbKeepPinnedToPlanet
bool field_A7
uint32_t field_A8
int field_AC
int field_B0
float field_B4
int field_B8
int field_BC
vector<int> field_C0

Function documentation

void Simulator::cSpatialObject::Reset() virtual

Sets this model as invisible in its IModelWorld and sets the model and model world to nullptr.

It also resets all necessary parameters.