Simulator::cLocomotiveObject class

Base classes

class cSpatialObject
A 3D model in the Simulator.

Derived classes

class cCreatureBase
The base class for all creatures in the Simulator.
class cGameDataUFO
class cGamePlant
class cResourceProjectile
Projectile used in civilization stage to capture spice geysers. Might be used for other things too.
class cVehicle

Public static variables

static const uint32_t TYPE

Public functions

void SetDesiredSpeed(float speed, int) virtual
auto GetDesiredSpeed() const -> float virtual
auto GetStandardSpeed() const -> float virtual
auto funcD0h() const -> float virtual
auto funcD4h() const -> float virtual
auto funcD8h() const -> float virtual
void funcDCh(int) virtual
void MoveTo(const Vector3& dst, float goalStopDistance = 1.0f, float acceptableStopDistance = 2.0f, bool = false) virtual
void funcE4h(const Vector3&, int) virtual
void funcE8h(const Vector3&, float, float) virtual
void StopMovement() virtual
void funcF0h() virtual
void ClearNeighbours() virtual
auto funcF8h() -> bool virtual
auto GetVelocity() -> Vector3
void SetVelocity(const Vector3& velocity)

Public variables

eastl::vector<int> field_DC
eastl::fixed_vector<float, 32> field_F0
float field_188
float field_18C
Vector3 field_190
bool field_19C
float mInTransitTime
int field_1A4
Vector3 field_1A8
Vector3 field_1B4
float field_1C0
float field_1C4
Vector3 mVelocity
Vector3 mAngularVelocity
float mDesiredSpeed
float mStandardSpeed
float mTurnRate
float mAngleVelocity
int mPlanetCorrection
eastl::vector<int> field_1F4
Vector3 field_208
float field_214
int field_218
Matrix3 field_21C
bool field_240
float field_244
float field_248
float field_24C
int field_250
float field_254
float field_258
float field_25C
float field_260
int field_264
bool mbSelfPowered
float mNeighborCheckRadius
int field_270
bool field_274
eastl::fixed_vector<cSpatialObjectPtr, 128> mNeighbors
eastl::fixed_vector<int, 4> field_490
eastl::vector<int> field_4B8
int field_4CC