Simulator::cCreatureBase class

Base classes

class cGameData
class cGameBundleContainer
class cBehaviorAgent
class cLocomotiveObject
class cBehaviorList
class cCombatant
Any object that has hit points and can combat other units.
class UnknownCreatureClass

Derived classes

class cCreatureAnimal

Public types

enum (anonymous) { kStandardSpeed = 2 }

Public static variables

static const uint32_t TYPE

Public functions

auto PlayAnimation(uint32_t animationID, int toolIndex = 0xFFFFFFFF, bool disableBlendInTime = false) -> void*
auto PlayAnimationTo(uint32_t animationID, cSpatialObject* otherObject, int = 0xFFFFFFFF, int = 0xFFFFFFFF) -> void*
void WalkTo(int speedState, const Vector3& dstPos, const Vector3& arg_8, float goalStopDistance = 1.0f, float acceptableStopDistance = 2.0f)
auto AddRef() -> int pure virtual
auto Release() -> int pure virtual
auto Cast() const -> void* pure virtual

Public variables

bool field_B10
int field_B14
bool field_B18
int field_B1C
cSpeciesProfile* field_B20
uint32_t mProfileSeq
ResourceKey mSpeciesKey
int mAge
string16 mCreatureName
int field_B48
int field_B4C
intrusive_ptr<cCreatureBase> mpWhoIsInteractingWithMe
AnimatedCreaturePtr mpAnimatedCreature
int mGeneralFlags
bool field_B5C
bool mbTeleport
bool mbDead
bool mbHasBeenEaten
bool mbUpdateInteractionEffect
bool mbUpdateMotiveEffect
bool mbIsDiseased
bool field_B63
bool field_B64
bool mbColorIsIdentity
bool field_B66
bool mbCasted
bool field_B68
bool field_B69
int field_B6C
int field_B70
int mIntentionTowardsTarget
float mNoAttackTimer
float field_B7C
float mCurrentLoudness
float mFoodValue
int mStrengthRating
cGonzagoTimer mHungerDelayTimer
bool field_BB0
bool mbStealthed
int field_BB4
float mHungerDelta
float mHunger
int field_BC0
int field_BC4
int field_BC8
int field_BCC
int field_BD0
int field_BD4
int field_BD8
int field_BDC
Vector3 field_BE0
bitset<88> mInUseAbilityBits
bitset<88> mRechargingAbilityBits
int field_C04
int field_C08
int field_C0C
uint64_t DEPRECATED_mInUseAbilityBits
uint64_t DEPRECATED_mRechargingAbilityBits
int field_C20
int field_C24
fixed_vector<cAbilityState, 8> mAbilityStates
int mLastMotiveState
int mLastInteractionEffect
UnknownCreatureClass2 field_CC8
UnknownCreatureClass2 field_D68
map<int, int> field_E08
vector<int> field_E24
bool field_E38
int field_E3C
vector<cCreatureItem> mItemInventory
int field_E54
float field_E58
float field_E5C
bool field_E60
bool field_E61
bool field_E62
bool field_E63
int field_E64
bool field_E68
int field_E6C
int field_E70
int field_E74
bool field_E78
int field_E7C
int mArchetype
void* field_E84
int field_E88
uint32_t mCurrentAttackIdx
uint32_t mCurrentAttackAnimId
float field_E94
vector<int> field_E98
int field_EAC
int field_EB0
int field_ED8
int field_EDC
int field_EE0
int field_EE4
int field_EE8
int field_EEC
int field_F0C
int field_F10
int field_F14
int field_F18
int field_F1C
char padding_F20
int field_F40
int field_F44
int field_F48
int field_F4C
int field_F50
char padding_F54
int field_F74
int field_F78
int field_F7C
int field_F80
list<int> field_F84
bool field_F90
int field_F94
int mSpeedState
int field_F9C
int field_FA0
int field_FA4
float field_FA8
float field_FAC
float field_FB0
float field_FB4
char padding_FB8