Simulator::cBehaviorAgent class

Derived classes

class cCreatureBase
The base class for all creatures in the Simulator.
class cGamePlant
class cVehicle

Public static variables

static const uint32_t TYPE

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

~cBehaviorAgent() virtual

Public functions

void func04h() virtual
auto func08h(uint32_t) -> bool virtual
auto func0Ch(cBehaviorBase* pBehavior, cBehaviorList* pOwner, int) -> int virtual
For example, abducting calls this on the creature passing pSpaceGameBehaviorAbducted and the space projectile.
auto func10h(int, int, int) -> int virtual
void func14h(bool) virtual
auto func18h() -> bool virtual
auto HasInteractions() -> bool virtual
auto GetLastInteraction() -> cBehaviorBase* virtual
auto func24h() -> int virtual
auto func28h() -> int virtual
auto func2Ch() -> int virtual
void func30h() virtual
void func34h() virtual
auto GetInteractionStackSize() const -> int virtual
auto func3Ch(int) -> bool virtual
auto func40h(int, int) -> bool virtual
auto func44h(int) -> int virtual
void func48h() virtual
void func4Ch(bool) virtual
auto func50h() -> bool virtual
void func54h(eastl::string& dst) virtual
void func58h(eastl::string& dst) virtual
auto Release() -> int virtual
auto AddRef() -> int virtual
auto func64h() -> int virtual

Public variables

bool field_4
eastl::deque<int> mInteractionHistory
eastl::deque<cBehaviorBasePtr> mInteractionStack
int field_60
bool field_64
bool field_65