Simulator::cGameDataUFO class

Base classes

class cGameData
class cLocomotiveObject
class cCombatant
Any object that has hit points and can combat other units.
class cBehaviorList
class App::IUnmanagedMessageListener
Same as App::IMessageListener, but this one does not use ref-counting.

Public static variables

static const uint32_t TYPE
static const uint32_t NOUN_ID

Public functions

auto ChangeEnergy(float delta) -> float
auto AddRef() -> int pure virtual
auto Release() -> int pure virtual
auto Cast() const -> void* pure virtual

Public variables

float field_5EC
float field_5F0
Vector3 mLastTangentialVelocity
float field_600
float field_604
bool field_608
Vector3 mOffsetDueToDamage
Vector3 field_618
bool mbRotateTowardsDestination
cGonzagoTimer field_628
cGonzagoTimer field_648
cGonzagoTimer field_668
bool field_688
bool field_689
int mNPCFollowUFO
bool field_690
bool field_691
Vector3 mNPCFollowOffset
Vector3 mNPCOrbitOffset
float mNPCZoomOffset
int mNPCFlockIndex
float field_6B4
float field_6B8
Vector3 mStartEndPoint
int field_6C8
cGonzagoTimer field_6D0
cGonzagoTimer field_6F0
int field_710
int mUFOType
Vector3 mNextPosition
Vector3 mNextVelocity
Quaternion mNextOrientation
Vector3 mOffsetFromPosition
bool mbAtDestination
Vector3 mDestination
intrusive_ptr<cPlanet> mDestinationPlanet
intrusive_ptr<cPlanet> mPreviousPlanet
int field_764
float mZoomAltitude
int field_76C
list<int> field_770
bool mbDesiredVisible
bool field_77D
bool field_77E
ResourceKey mDesiredModelKey
bool field_78C
bool field_78D
intrusive_ptr<cSpaceToolData> mpNPCWeapon
intrusive_ptr<cSpaceToolData> mpNPCGroundWeapon
intrusive_ptr<cSpaceToolData> mpNPCNearAirWeapon
intrusive_ptr<cSpaceToolData> mpNPCMediumAirWeapon
intrusive_ptr<cSpaceToolData> mpNPCFarAirWeapon
intrusive_ptr<cSpaceToolData> mpNPCAbductWeapon
int field_7A8
int field_7AC
int field_7B0
cGonzagoTimer field_7B8
int field_7D8
int field_7DC
string16 field_7E0
int field_7F0
float mEnergy
float mMaxEnergy
int field_7FC
int mOwnerMission
int field_804
int field_808
int field_80C
int field_810
int field_814