Simulator::cCommodityNode class

Represents a spice geyser in civilization stage, maybe it is also used elsewhere.

Base classes

class cGameData
Base class for most Simulator objects.
class cSpatialObject
A 3D model in the Simulator.
class cCombatant
Any object that has hit points and can combat other units.

Public static variables

static const uint32_t TYPE
static const uint32_t NOUN_ID

Public functions

auto AddRef() -> int pure virtual
auto Release() -> int pure virtual
auto Cast() const -> void* pure virtual

Public variables

float mResourcePoints
float mMaxResourcePoints
cHitSpherePtr mpHitSphere
int field_1DC
cVehiclePtr mConstructingVehicle
bool mbMineInitialized
bool field_1E5
bool field_1E6
bool field_1E7
bool field_1E8
bool field_1E9
int mMineState
cGonzagoTimer mMineStateTimer
int mMineStateTimeout
uint32_t mConstructingPoliticalID
uint32_t mCapturePoliticalID
uint32_t mConvertPoliticalID
uint32_t mBuyPoliticalID
float mCapturePercent
float mConvertPercent
float mBuyPercent
eastl::deque<ObjectPtr> field_230
int field_25C
int field_260
int field_264
cGonzagoTimer field_268
int field_288