Simulator::cTribe class

A tribe from the tribe stage.

Base classes

class cCommunity
The following attributes are saved:
class cSpatialObject
A 3D model in the Simulator.
class cBehaviorList
class cGameBundleContainer
class cIdentityColorable
A Simulator class inherited by all those classes that can have an identity color, such as empires, tribes, etc.

Public static variables

static const uint32_t TYPE
static const uint32_t NOUN_ID

Public functions

auto AddRef() -> int pure virtual
auto Release() -> int pure virtual
auto Cast() const -> void* pure virtual

Public variables

cTribeFoodMatPtr mpFoodMat
bool mbMotiveCheatOn
float mRSquareSize
int field_26C
cGonzagoTimer mVignetteTimer
cTribePlannerPtr mpTribePlanner
eastl::vector<int> field_294
eastl::vector<int> field_2A8
int field_2BC
float mEggPenFoodValue
float mInitialRelationship
float mChieftainRespawnTimer
float mGiftRelationshipDecayTimer
ObjectPtr field_2D0
ObjectPtr field_2D4
int field_2D8
int field_2DC
int field_2E0
int field_2E4
int field_2E8
int field_2EC
int field_2F0
int field_2F4
int field_2F8
int field_2FC
bool mbCheckedForWater
bool mbCheckedForForests
Vector3 mClosestWater
Coordinates in the planet of the source of water closest to the tribe.
float mClosestWaterDistance
Distance from tribe to mClosestWater
eastl::vector<Vector3> mClosestForests
int field_328
int mUpgradeLevel
float mZoningRadius
bool mbRoboTribe
int mRoboPopulationCount
bool mbVisualized
eastl::vector<cCreatureCitizenPtr> mTribeMembers
eastl::vector<cSpatialObjectPtr> mSelectableMembers
cTribeHutPtr mpHut
eastl::vector<cTribeToolPtr> mTools
eastl::vector<cTribeToolPtr> mSocialTools
eastl::hash_map<int, UnkCityClass> field_394
UnkCityClass field_3B4
eastl::fixed_vector<int, 45> field_418
eastl::hash_map<int, eastl::deque<ObjectPtr>> field_4E4
int field_504
int field_508
int field_50C
cGonzagoTimer mPopulationTimer
cGonzagoTimer mTimer
int mTribeArchetype
bool field_554
bool field_555
bool field_556
bool mGoodyPopped
char _padding_558
int field_1868
int field_186C
int field_1870
int field_1874
bool field_1878
bool field_1879
int field_187C
int field_1880
int field_1884
int field_1888
int field_188C
bool field_1890
bool field_1891
int field_1894
int field_1898
int field_189C
int field_18A0
int field_18A4
bool field_18A8
bool field_18A9
int field_18AC
int field_18B0
int field_18B4
int field_18B8
int field_18BC
bool field_18C0
bool field_18C1
int field_18C4
int field_18C8
char field_18CC
eastl::fixed_vector<ResourceKey, 14> mSpeciesKeys
cOrnamentPtr mpDomesticatedAnimalsPen
cOrnamentPtr mpEggPen
cGameDataPtr mpDomesticatedAnimalsHerd
cTotemPolePtr mpTotemPole
uint32_t mhFootprint
int mPurchasedTools