Simulator::cGameTerrainCursor class

Base classes

class cGameData
Base class for most Simulator objects.
class cSpatialObject
A 3D model in the Simulator.

Public types

using SpatialObjects = eastl::vector<cSpatialObjectPtr>

Public static variables

static const uint32_t TYPE
static const uint32_t NOUN_ID

Public static functions

static auto GetTerrainCursor() -> cGameTerrainCursor*

Public functions

auto ToSpatialObject() -> cGameData* virtual
void SetObjects(SpatialObjects* pVector) virtual
void func5Ch_(int) virtual
void func60h_(int, int) virtual
void func64h_() virtual
auto GetObjectsCount() -> int virtual
Returns the amount of values in the objects vector.
auto GetObjectTypeCount(uint32_t type) -> int virtual
Returns how many objects of the specified type are in the objects vector.
auto GetSelectedObjectCount() -> int virtual
auto UpdateSelectedObjectCount() -> int virtual
auto UpdateSelectedObjects() -> int virtual
auto func7Ch_(int, int) -> int virtual
void func80h_(int, int) virtual
void SetAnchor(const Vector3& position) virtual
auto GetAnchor() -> const Vector3& virtual
void SetDiagonal1(const Vector3& position) virtual
auto GetDiagonal1() -> const Vector3& virtual
void SetDiagonal2(const Vector3& position) virtual
auto GetDiagonal2() -> const Vector3& virtual
auto func9Ch_(int, int) -> int virtual
void funcA0h(int, int) virtual
void ResetAnchors() virtual
auto IsAnchorValid() -> bool virtual
void SetRadius(float value) virtual
void SetAlpha(float value) virtual
auto GetAlpha() -> float virtual
void SetIsVisible(bool value) virtual
auto IsVisible() -> bool virtual
void SetAnchorValid(bool value) virtual
auto IsAnchorValid_() -> bool virtual
void funcC8h_() virtual
void SetIsFactoryObject(bool value) virtual
void funcD0h_(cSpatialObject*) virtual
auto funcD4h_() -> cSpatialObject* virtual
void SetIsRectangleSelect(bool value) virtual
auto IsRectangleSelect() -> bool virtual
void funcE0h_(bool) virtual
auto funcE4h_() -> bool virtual
auto Cast() const -> void* pure virtual
auto AddRef() -> int pure virtual
auto Release() -> int pure virtual

Public variables

Vector3 mPosition
Vector3 mAnchorPosition
Vector3 mDiagonalPosition1
Vector3 mDiagonalPosition2
Quaternion mOrientation
float mRadius
float mAlpha
bool mbRectangleSelect
int field_154
bool field_158
bool mbIsVisible
bool mbIsFactoryObject
int mSelectedObjectCount
bool mbAnchorValid
SpatialObjects* mpObjects
cSpatialObjectPtr field_168

Function documentation

int Simulator::cGameTerrainCursor::GetObjectTypeCount(uint32_t type) virtual

Returns how many objects of the specified type are in the objects vector.

type The object TYPE field.