DefaultRefCounted class

The default implementation of a reference counted class.

Derived classes

class Anim::IAnimWorld
class Anim::cAnimManagerImpl
class App::ICreatureModeActionHandler
class App::ITokenTranslator
class App::RefCountedString
class App::cLocaleManager
class App::cScenarioMode
class App::cSporeApp
class Editors::EditorAnimations
class Editors::EditorBaseHandle
class Editors::EditorPlayMode
class Editors::EditorPlayModeBackground
class Editors::EditorRigblock
Represents a "part" (or rigblock) in an editor.
class Editors::EditorStateEditHistory
Structure that records the state of the editor (current mode, budget, etc) for undo/redo history.
class Editors::EditorUI
class Editors::PlayAnimButton
class Editors::PlayAnimPanel
class Editors::PlayModeActor
class Editors::PlayModeActor::WalkAction
class Editors::PlayModeUI
class Editors::VerbIconData
class Editors::cEditor
Main class for editors.
class Editors::cEditorAnimEvent
class Editors::cEditorSkin
template<typename Vertex>
class Graphics::GeneratedMesh
class Graphics::PlanetThumbnailRequest
class Graphics::cRenderTargetManager
class Palettes::ColorPickerUI
This class holds all information related with the color picker in editor categories and its user interface.
class Palettes::ColorSwatchUI
This class holds all information related with a single color button in editor categories and its user interface.
class Palettes::DefaultItemFrameUI
class Palettes::ItemViewer
class Palettes::PageArrowsUI
The class that represents the fragment of user interface of the page numbers and arrow buttons in an Editors::PaletteCategory.
class Palettes::PaletteCategory
A category in an editor palette contains pages.
class Palettes::PaletteCategoryUI
This class holds all information related with the user interface of a palette category.
class Palettes::PaletteItem
Represents an item inside a palette page.
class Palettes::PaletteIterator
Used to iterate through the items of an editors palette.
class Palettes::PaletteMain
This object represents the palette of an editor.
class Palettes::PalettePage
A page in an Palettes palette that contains multiple items (Palettes::PaletteItem).
class Palettes::PalettePageUI
This class holds all information related with the user interface of a palette page.
class Palettes::PaletteSubcategoriesUI
class Palettes::PaletteUI
This class holds all information related to the user interface of a palette.
class Palettes::StandardItemUI
class Simulator::cBehaviorBase
class Simulator::cCollectableItems
class Simulator::cCreatureDisplayStrategy
class Simulator::cFeedbackEvent
class Simulator::cGameData
Base class for most Simulator objects.
class Simulator::cGameInputManager
class Simulator::cGonzagoSimulator
class Simulator::cGonzagoTimer
A class for measuring time inside Simulator modes.
class Simulator::cSavedGameHeader
class Simulator::cScenarioData
class Simulator::cScenarioDataHistoryEntry
Undo/redo history entry for scenario data actions (anything related with objects, creatures, etc), that is, changes to the cScenarioResource.
class Simulator::cScenarioPlayMode
class Simulator::cScenarioTerraformHistoryEntry
Undo/redo history entry for terraform (or planet color, etc) actions.
class Simulator::cScenarioTerraformMode
class Simulator::cSolarSystem
Holds visual information about a solar system in the solar system view, or when inside a planet.
class Simulator::cSpaceInventoryItem
Represents an item of the space player inventory. This include space tools and cargo.
class Simulator::cStarRecord
Keeps all the information related to a star and all the elements in its solar system.
class Simulator::cToolStrategy
class Sporepedia::OTDB::ISummarizer
class Sporepedia::cSPAssetDataOTDB
class UI::CursorAttachment
Used to create mouse rollovers (like "tooltips").
class UI::EditorNamePanel
class UI::ITokenTranslator
class UI::Minimap
class UI::SpaceGameUI
User interface for the Space game. The main SPUI is 0x1e453b88.spui
class UI::cSPUILayeredObject
class UI::cSPUITextZoom
class UTFWin::EventPropertyObject
class UTFWin::SporeStdDrawableImageInfo
A structure that represents an state of a SporeStdDrawable.
class UTFWin::UILayout
An object used to load and contain user interfaces.
class UTFWin::UILayoutObjects

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

~DefaultRefCounted() protected virtual

Public functions

auto AddRef() -> int virtual
auto Release() -> int virtual
auto GetReferenceCount() -> int virtual

Protected variables

int mnRefCount