Editors::EditorRigblock class

Represents a "part" (or rigblock) in an editor.

Rigblocks are any of the objects in the editor the player can interact with, including spines. The rigblocks of the current creation are stored in the EditorModel class.

Base classes

class DefaultRefCounted
The default implementation of a reference counted class.
class Object
This class represents a basic reference counted object.

Public static variables

static const uint32_t TYPE

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

~EditorRigblock() pure virtual

Public functions

auto SetShadedDisplay(bool isShaded) -> void
For build mode only, sets whether the rigblock is shown with a bit of shading (used when hovering over rigblocks).
auto AddRef() -> int virtual
auto Release() -> int virtual

Public variables

PropertyListPtr mpPropList
ModelPtr mpModel
ModelPtr field_14
IModelWorldPtr mpModelWorld
uint32_t mInstanceID
uint32_t mGroupID
int field_24
Property 0xE305AAFB
EditorModel* mpEditorModel
int field_2C
float field_30
bool field_34
UnkEditorRigblockStruct2 field_38
UnkEditorRigblockStruct2 field_40
Vector3 mPosition
Vector3 lastPos
Matrix3 mTotalOrientation
Combination of mUserOrientation and mOrientation.
Matrix3 field_84
Matrix3 mOrientation
Matrix3 field_CC
Matrix3 mUserOrientation
Matrix3 field_114
Vector3 field_138
Vector3 field_144
int field_150
EditorBaseHandlePtr mAxisHandles
EditorBaseHandlePtr mpRotationBallHandle
int field_164
int field_168
float field_16C
Clock field_170
int field_188
int field_18C
int field_190
int field_194
int field_198
int field_19C
bool field_1A0
int field_1A4
bool field_1A8
bool field_1A9
int field_1AC
int field_1B0
int mDeformBoneEndJointIndex
int mDeformBoneBaseJointIndex
int mDeformBoneMiddleIndex
int field_1C0
int field_1C4
int field_1C8
int mLimbType
float mMuscleScale
float mBaseMuscleScale
float size
float size_2
float mModelMinScale
float mModelMaxScale
Vector3 mModelDefaultMouseOffset
Matrix3 mModelEditorInitialRotation
float mModelMinBallConnectorScale
float mModelMaxBallConnectorScale
float mModelSymmetrySnapDelta
float field_224
float mModelReplaceSnapDelta
float mModelSymmetryRotationSnapAngle
bool field_230
eastl::vector<int> field_234
int mModelNumberOfSnapAxes
Transform mEffectsBoneTransform1
Transform mEffectsBoneTransform2
int mEffectsBoneIndex
Index to the model bone named effecs
Transform mCSnapBoneTransform1
Transform mCSnapBoneTransform2
int mCSnapBoneIndex
Index to the model bone named csnap
int field_334
int field_338
EditorRigblockPtr mpParent
eastl::fixed_vector<EditorRigblockPtr, 8> mChildren
int field_378
char _padding_37C
Vector3 mTriangleDirection
Vector3 mTrianglePickOrigin
int field_3B8
int mModelForcePinningType
2 for PinningPhysics, 4 for PinningGeometry
uint32_t mModelPinningTypeGroup
int field_3C4
bool field_3C8
True if pinning type instanceID is 0x17CFD48F
bool field_3C9
int field_3CC
int field_3D0
int field_3D4
int field_3D8
int field_3DC
EditorRigblockPtr mpSymmetricRigblock
EditorRigblockPtr mpAsymmetricRigblock
bool field_3E8
EditorBaseHandlePtr mpBallConnectorHandle
ModelPtr mpSocketConnectorModel
Vector3 mModelMinSocketConnectorOffset
Vector3 mModelMaxSocketConnectorOffset
Vector3 mSocketConnectorOffset
Vector3 mModelRotationBallHandleOffset
Vector3 mModelPaletteRotation
int field_430
int field_434
bool field_438
int field_43C
float field_440
float field_444
int field_448
int field_44C
float mModelBottomEdgeDistanceAdjustment
float mModelScale
ResourceKey* mModelMinMuscleFile
ResourceKey* mModelMaxMuscleFile
eastl::fixed_string<char, 32> mModelSoundScale
Name of the sound played when scaling this rigblock, default is creature_size
eastl::fixed_string<char, 32> mModelSoundRotation
Name of the sound played when rotating this rigblock, default is creature_rotate
eastl::fixed_vector<eastl::pair<uint32_t, EditorRigblockPaint>, 8> mPaints
bool field_5E0
int mModelPrice
int mModelComplexityScore
int mModelRunTimeBoneCount
int mModelBakeLevel
float field_5F4
ResourceKey mModelRigBlockType
uint32_t mModelShowoffAnimation
uint32_t mModelShowoffEffect
bool field_60C
int field_610
eastl::map<int, int> field_614
eastl::fixed_vector<int, 32> field_630
int field_6C8
eastl::fixed_vector<EditorBaseHandlePtr, 8> mMorphHandles
eastl::fixed_vector<float, 8> mMorphHandleWeights
eastl::fixed_vector<uint32_t, 8> mMorphHandleChannels
eastl::fixed_vector<ResourceKey, 8> mModelSnapDownTo
eastl::fixed_vector<ResourceKey, 8> mModelSnapToParentTypes
eastl::fixed_vector<ResourceKey, 8> mModelStayAbove
eastl::fixed_vector<ResourceKey, 8> mModelAlignLateralWith
eastl::fixed_vector<ResourceKey, 8> mModelAlignHeightWith
eastl::fixed_vector<ResourceKey, 8> mModelAlignXYWith
eastl::fixed_vector<ResourceKey, 8> mModelTypesToInteractWith
eastl::fixed_vector<ResourceKey, 8> mModelTypesToSnapReplace
eastl::fixed_vector<ResourceKey, 16> mModelTypesNotToInteractWith
eastl::fixed_vector<EditorRigblockCapability, 20> mCapabilities
uint32_t mFootType
For audio.
uint32_t mMouthType
For audio.
uint32_t mWeaponType
For audio.
int field_DC0
int field_DC4
eastl::bitset<64> mBooleanAttributes
UnkEditorRigblockStruct1 field_DD0

Function documentation

void Editors::EditorRigblock::SetShadedDisplay(bool isShaded)

For build mode only, sets whether the rigblock is shown with a bit of shading (used when hovering over rigblocks).