Editors::EditorRigblock class

Base classes

class DefaultRefCounted
The default implementation of a reference counted class.
class Object
This class represents a basic reference counted object.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

EditorRigblock() deleted
~EditorRigblock() virtual

Public variables

intrusive_ptr<App::PropertyList> prop
char _padding_10
unsigned long instanceID
unsigned long groupID
char _padding_24
Vector3 pos
Vector3 lastPos
char _padding_60
float size
float size_2
float minScale
float maxScale
Vector3 modelDefaultMouseOffset
char _padding_1F4
float modelMinBallConnectorScale
float modelMaxBallConnectorScale
float modelSymmetrySnapDelta
int field_224
float modelReplaceSnapDelta
float modelSymmetryRotationSnapAngle
char _padding_230
int modelNumberOfSnapAxes
char _padding_250
unsigned long modelForcePinningType
unsigned long modelPinningType
char _padding_3C4
Vector3 modelPaletteRotation
char _padding_430
float modelBottomEdgeDistanceAdjustment
float modelScale
ResourceKey* modelMinMuscleFile
ResourceKey* modelMaxMuscleFile
char _padding_460
float animationTime
char _padding_48C
int modelPrice
int modelComplexityScore
int modelRunTimeBoneCount
int modelBakeLevel
int field_5F4
ResourceKey modelRigBlockType
unsigned long modelShowoffAnimation
unsigned long modelShowoffEffect
char _padding_60C
unsigned long foottype
unsigned long mouthtype
unsigned long weapontype
char _padding_DC0