Editors::EditorModel class

Represents the state of a creation in an editor.

This class keeps track of all its parts and paints, and is used to load and save the creation of the editor. The data can be converted into a cEditorResource with the Load() and Save() methods; then, you can use the ResourceManager to save the editor resource into a .crt, .bld, etc file.

Base classes

class INameableEntity
class IVirtual
A default interface that provides a virtual destructor, it should only be used internally.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

~EditorModel() virtual

Public functions

auto SetName(const char16_t* pString) -> void override
auto GetName() -> const char16_t* override
auto SetDescription(const char16_t* pString) -> void override
auto GetDescription() -> const char16_t* override
auto SetTags(const char16_t* pString) -> void override
auto GetTags() -> const char16_t* override
auto Load(cEditorResource* pResource) -> void
auto Save(cEditorResource* pResource) -> void
auto Dispose() -> void
auto GetCreationName() const -> eastl::string16&
auto SetColor(int index, struct ColorRGB color) -> void
auto GetColor(int index) const -> ColorRGB
auto GetRigblocksCount() const -> int
auto GetRigblock(int index) -> EditorRigblock*

Public variables

ResourceKey mKey
eastl::vector<EditorRigblockPtr> mRigblocks
bool field_2C
int field_30
bool field_34
float field_38
float field_3C
float field_40
float field_44
float field_48
bool field_4C
bool field_4D
bool field_4E
bool field_4F
bool field_50
bool field_51
int mTranslationOptions
uint32_t mModelType
eastl::string16 mName
eastl::string16 mDescription
eastl::string16 mAcceptedName
int mSkinEffectIDs
int mSkinEffectSeeds
ColorRGB mColors
eastl::vector<BoundingBox> field_C8
int mZCorpScore

Protected variables

int mnRefCount