Editors::EditorModel class

Base classes

class INameableEntity
class IVirtual
A default interface that provides a virtual destructor, it should only be used internally.

Public functions

auto GetCreationName() const -> string16&
void SetColor(int index, struct ColorRGB color)
auto GetColor(int index) const -> ColorRGB
auto GetPartsCount() const -> int
auto GetPart(int index) -> EditorRigblock*

Public variables

ResourceKey field_0C
vector<intrusive_ptr<EditorRigblock>> mParts
bool field_2C
int field_30
bool field_34
float field_38
float field_3C
float field_40
float field_44
float field_48
bool field_4C
bool field_4D
bool field_4E
bool field_4F
bool field_50
bool field_51
int field_54
uint32_t mModelType
string16 mName
string16 mDescription
string16 mAcceptedName
int field_8C
int field_98
ColorRGB mColors
vector<BoundingBox> field_C8
int field_EC

Protected variables

int mnRefCount