Editors namespace

Everything related with the editors (except adventure editor)



class _EditorUI_interface
struct BakeParameters
class cEditor
class cEditorResource
class ColorChangedMessage
A message sent every time the user changes the color of the creation in the editor.
struct ContentValidation
class CreatureWalkController
class cSpeciesManager
class EditorCamera
class EditorModel
class EditorPlayMode
class EditorPlayModeBackground
class EditorRequest
This class is used to access the editors.
class EditorRigblock
class EditorUI
class IBakeManager
class IEditorLimits
class INameableEntity
class IRefCounted
class PaintModeCategory
class PlayAnimButton
class PlayAnimPanel
class PlayModeActor
class PlayModeAnimations
class PlayModeBackgrounds
class StdEditorLimits
class TuningSpine


enum class Mode: int { BuildMode = 0, PaintMode = 1, PlayMode = 2 }
enum EditorRenderLayers { kRenderLayerBackground = 12, kRenderLayerPedestalCreation = 13 }
enum ComplexityFlags { kComplexityFlagBlock = 0x1, kComplexityFlagBone = 0x2, kComplexityFlagBakedBlock = 0x4 }


auto Addresses(IBakeManager) -> namespace
auto Addresses(ContentValidation) -> namespace
ASSERT_SIZE(CreatureWalkController, 0x88)
auto Addresses(CreatureWalkController) -> namespace
auto Addresses(cEditor) -> namespace
auto GetEditor() -> cEditor*
Returns the Editor instance (there can only be one at a time).
auto Addresses(EditorCamera) -> namespace
ASSERT_SIZE(StdEditorLimits, 0x30)
auto Addresses(EditorModel) -> namespace
auto Addresses(EditorRequest) -> namespace
auto Addresses(EditorUI) -> namespace
ASSERT_SIZE(PlayModeActor, 0x50)
ASSERT_SIZE(PlayModeActor::WalkAction, 0x2C)
auto Addresses(PlayModeActor) -> namespace
auto Addresses(PlayAnimButton) -> namespace
ASSERT_SIZE(EditorPlayModeBackground, 0x18)
ASSERT_SIZE(PlayModeBackgrounds, 0x48)
auto Addresses(PlayModeBackgrounds) -> namespace
auto Addresses(cSpeciesManager) -> namespace

Enum documentation

enum class Editors::Mode: int

enum Editors::EditorRenderLayers


Renders the background model world without shadows.


Renders the creation and the pedestal (with shadows)

enum Editors::ComplexityFlags

Function documentation

namespace Editors::Addresses(cEditor)

cEditor* Editors::GetEditor()

Returns the Editor instance (there can only be one at a time).

namespace Editors::Addresses(EditorModel)

namespace Editors::Addresses(EditorUI)