Editors::VerbIconData class

Base classes

class Object
This class represents a basic reference counted object.
class DefaultRefCounted
The default implementation of a reference counted class.

Public static variables

static const uint32_t TYPE

Public functions

auto ParseProp(App::PropertyList* propList) -> void virtual
auto ClearPropList() -> void virtual
Resets mpPropList.
auto func18h(int) -> void virtual
auto SetKey(int verbIconTriggerKey) -> void virtual
Used to generate text.
auto GetName(bool includeLevel) -> eastl::string16 virtual
auto GetDescription() -> eastl::string16 virtual

Public variables

bool mVerbIconUseDescription
bool mVerbIconShowLevel
bool mPaletteItemRolloverShowLevel
bool mVerbIconRolloverShowLevel
bool field_10
bool mVerbIconShowZeroLevel
int mVerbIconTriggerKey
int field_18
float mVerbIconMaxLevel
int field_20
uint32_t mVerbIconCategory
uint32_t mVerbIconRepresentativeAnimation
Math::ColorRGBA mVerbIconColor
uint32_t mVerbIconRolloverLevelImageID
ResourceKey mVerbIconRolloverLevelLayoutID
bool mVerbIconRolloverShowIcon
bool mVerbIconEnforceMaxLevel
uint32_t mCreatureAbilityCategory
LocalizedString mCreatureAbilityName
eastl::string16 field_68
uint32_t mTriggerKeyForLocalization
int field_7C
int field_80
int field_84
int field_88
int field_8C
uint32_t mVerbIconImageID
uint32_t mVerbIconTrayOverrideImageID
uint32_t mVerbIconTraySmallCardOverrideImageID
ResourceKey mVerbIconLayout
ResourceKey mVerbIconGameLayout
ResourceKey mVerbIconStaticLayout
PropertyListPtr mpPropList