Editors::PlayModeBackgrounds class

Base classes

class IVirtual
A default interface that provides a virtual destructor, it should only be used internally.

Public functions

auto SwitchBackground() -> void
auto DisableBackground() -> void
auto Load(PlayModeUI* playModeUI, uint32_t entryEffectID, uint32_t crossFadeSnapEffectID, Graphics::ILightingWorld* lightingWorld, int8_t backgroundSet) -> void
auto LoadBackgroudFiles(int8_t backgroundSet) -> void
auto HandleUIButton(uint32_t controlID) -> bool
auto ToggleBackgroundButtonHighlights(uint32_t backgroundButtonID) -> void
auto UpdatePageNumbers() -> void
auto UpdateBackgroundButtons() -> void
auto IsBlackBackground() -> bool
Returns true if the current background has mOrder == 4, which is assumed to be the black background.

Public variables

eastl::vector<EditorPlayModeBackgroundPtr> mBackgrounds
int mCurrentIndex
int mTargetIndex
uint32_t mCurrentEntryEffectID
uint32_t mTargetEntryEffectID
uint32_t mCrossFadeSnapEffectID
uint32_t mPlayModeEntryEffectID
bool field_30
PlayModeUI* mpPlayModeUI
int mCurrentPageIndex
int mExtraPageCount
The total number of pages is this + 1.
Graphics::ILightingWorld* mpLightingWorld
bool mIsSwitchingBackground