Editors::PlayModeActor class

Base classes

class DefaultRefCounted
The default implementation of a reference counted class.

Public types

class WalkAction

Public static functions

static auto CreateWalkAction(const Vector3& position, float = 1.0f, bool = false, float = 0.5f) -> WalkAction*

Public functions

void AddWalkAction(WalkAction* action, bool = false)

Public variables

AnimatedCreaturePtr mpCreature
int field_0C
CreatureWalkControllerPtr mpWalkController
int field_14
intrusive_ptr<DefaultRefCounted> field_18
int mActorID
float field_20
bool field_24
float field_28
int field_2C
int field_30
float field_34
intrusive_ptr<DefaultRefCounted> field_38
vector<intrusive_ptr<WalkAction>> mWalkActions