Simulator::cScenarioPlayMode class

Base classes

class App::IUnmanagedMessageListener
Same as App::IMessageListener, but this one does not use ref-counting.
class DefaultRefCounted
The default implementation of a reference counted class.

Public functions

void Initialize()
void SetCurrentAct(int actIndex, bool = false)
void JumpToAct(int actIndex)

Public variables

cScenarioPlaySummary mSummary
eastl::string16 mFailReason
eastl::vector<cScenarioPlayModeGoal> mCurrentGoals
Goals for the current act.
int field_78
App::MessageListenerData mMessageListenerData
int field_90
int field_94
Clock field_98
int field_B0
int field_B4
int mCurrentActIndex
Index of the current act (0 is first act, 1 is second, etc)
long mTimeLimitMS
Time limit of the current act, in milliseconds (negative number if no time limit)
int field_C0
int mAdventurePoints
int field_C8
int field_CC
int field_D0
int field_D4
int field_D8
float field_DC
Math::Vector3 field_E0
bool field_EC
Audio::AudioTrack mMusicTrack
uint32_t mCurrentMusicId
float field_F8
bool field_FC
bool field_FD
int field_100