App::cScenarioMode class

Base classes

class IGameMode
An interface that represents a mode in the game, that can receive mouse/keyboard input and update every frame.
class IUnmanagedMessageListener
Same as App::IMessageListener, but this one does not use ref-counting.
class DefaultRefCounted
The default implementation of a reference counted class.

Public types

enum class Mode: int { UnkMode = 0, EditMode = 1, PlayMode = 2 }

Public static functions

static auto Get() -> cScenarioMode*
Returns the ScenarioMode instance.

Public functions

auto GetMode() const -> Mode
auto GetData() -> Simulator::cScenarioData*
auto GetTerraformMode() -> Simulator::cScenarioTerraformMode*
auto GetPlayMode() -> Simulator::cScenarioPlayMode*
auto GetResource() -> Simulator::cScenarioResource*
auto AddRef() -> int virtual
Increases the reference count and returns it.
auto Release() -> int virtual
Decreases the reference count and returns it.

Public variables

int mpEditModeInputStrategy
int mpEditModeDisplayStrategy
cScenarioTerraformModePtr mpTerraformMode
int mpScenarioUI
GameInput mInput
int field_68
int field_6C
int field_70
cScenarioDataPtr mpData
cScenarioPlayModePtr mpPlayMode
int field_7C
App::MessageListenerData field_80
App::MessageListenerData field_94
bool field_A8
int field_AC
int field_B0
int field_B4
int field_B8
int field_BC
int field_C0
int field_C4
int* field_C8
Mode mMode
int field_D0
Only counts achivement if == 2.
int mpScenarioTutorials
int mpScenarioYoutube
bool field_DC

Function documentation

int App::cScenarioMode::Release() virtual

Decreases the reference count and returns it.

If the reference count reaches 0, 'delete this' is called.