GameInput struct

This structure keeps track of all the input in the game, such as keys pressed/released, the mouse position, etc.

The recommended usage is having a member of this type in your camera/game mode. On event-like methods, like OnMouseUp, OnKeyDown, etc you just call the corresponding GameInput method. Then, in the Update method you can access the information like this:

if (mInput.IsKeyDown(VK_Z)) ...
if (mInput.IsMouseDown(kMouseButtonRight)) ...

Public static functions

static auto IsMouseButtonDown(MouseButton button) -> bool

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators


Public functions

void OnKeyUp(int vkCode, KeyModifiers modifiers)
void OnKeyDown(int vkCode, KeyModifiers modifiers)
void OnMouseDown(MouseButton mouseButton, float mouseX, float mouseY, MouseState mouseState)
void OnMouseUp(MouseButton mouseButton, float mouseX, float mouseY, MouseState mouseState)
void OnMouseMove(float mouseX, float mouseY, MouseState state)
void OnMouseWheel(int nWheelDelta, float mouseX, float mouseY, MouseState mouseState)
auto IsKeyDown(int vkey) const -> bool
auto IsMouseDown(MouseButton button) const -> bool
void Reset()

Public variables

eastl::bitset<8*32> keys
The keys that are pressed.
KeyModifiers keyModifiers
The modifiers of the last key that was pressed.
bool mouseButtons
The mouse buttons that are pressed.
Math::Point mousePosition
The last coordinates of the mouse pointer.
MouseButton mouseButton
The last mouse button that was pressed, in the enum MouseButton; kMouseButtonNone if no button is pressed.
Math::Point clickPosition
The position of the last mouse click.
MouseState mouseState
The mouse state (Ctrl down, Alt down, etc) of the last time a mouse button was pressed; values in the MouseState enum.
int mouseWheel
The amount of positions the mouse wheel is.