Simulator::cScenarioTerraformMode class

Base classes

class App::IMessageListener
An interface that can receive messages sent through the app.
class DefaultRefCounted
The default implementation of a reference counted class.

Public functions

auto func10h(uint32_t) -> bool virtual
auto StartHistoryEntry() -> void
Starts a history entry (i.e.
auto CommitHistoryEntry() -> void
Commits an on-going history entry (i.e.
auto SetWaterColor(const ColorRGB& color) -> void
auto SetAtmosphereColor(const ColorRGB& color) -> void
auto SetCliffColor(const ColorRGB& color) -> void
auto SetBeachColor(const ColorRGB& color) -> void

Public variables

PropertyListPtr mpPropList
cScenarioTerraformEconomyPtr mpEconomy
eastl::vector<uint32_t> mTerrainScriptEffects
eastl::vector<Transform> mTerrainScriptEffectTransforms
eastl::vector<float> mTerrainScriptEffectIntensities
eastl::vector<float> mTerrainScriptEffectTimes
eastl::vector<float> mTerrainScriptEffectSeeds
eastl::vector<int> field_78
eastl::vector<float> mTerrainScriptEffectWaterLevels
eastl::vector<ResourceKey> mTerrainScriptModels
eastl::vector<Transform> mTerrainScriptModelTransforms
Vector3 mTerrainScriptWTALevels
Vector3 mTerrainScriptERLLevels
First value is percentage of day.
Vector3 mTerrainScriptPlanetInfo
terrain/dead/atmosphere types
int mWaterType
Determines base water color.
int mAtmosphereType
Determines base atmosphere color.
ResourceKey mVisualStyleId
IVisualEffectPtr mpVisualStyleEffect
bool mTerrainOverrideMode
Related with colors.
eastl::vector<ColorRGB> mTerrainColors
eastl::vector<float> mTerrainColorsElevations
ColorRGB mBeachColor
ColorRGB mCliffColor
ColorRGB mWaterColor
ColorRGB mAtmosphereColor
uint32_t mGroundEffectId
eastl::vector<Vector4> mClearFloraAround
Points of no flora in the planet. x,y,z are the position, w is the radius in which flora is removed.
App::MessageListenerData mMessageListenerData
bool field_18C
bool mTerrainHazardsEnable
Terrain::ITerrain* mpTerrain
Terrain::cTerrainStateMgr* mpTerrainStateMgr
cScenarioData* mpScenarioData
eastl::vector<int> field_19C
int field_1B0
int field_1B4
bool field_1B8
Vector3 field_1BC
float field_1C8

Function documentation

void Simulator::cScenarioTerraformMode::StartHistoryEntry()

Starts a history entry (i.e.

one undo/redo action) based on the current state of the scenario terraform data (the mpPropList field). This must be called before changing the data; after the data has been modified, call CommitHistoryEntry() to finish this history entry.

void Simulator::cScenarioTerraformMode::CommitHistoryEntry()

Commits an on-going history entry (i.e.

one undo/redo action) based on the current state of the scenario terraform data (the mpPropList field). This must be called after changing the data; before modifying the data you must have called StartHistoryEntry().