Sporepedia::cSPAssetDataOTDB class

Base classes

class IAssetData
class Object
This class represents a basic reference counted object.
class DefaultRefCounted
The default implementation of a reference counted class.

Public static variables

static const uint32_t TYPE

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators


Public functions

auto AddRef() -> int override
auto Release() -> int override
auto Cast(uint32_t type) const -> void* override
void SetKey(const ResourceKey& key) override
void func08h() override
auto GetName() -> const char16_t* override
auto GetAuthorName() -> const char16_t* override
auto GetDescription() -> const char16_t* override
auto GetImageKey() -> ResourceKey override
auto GetBackgroundImageKey() -> ResourceKey override
void GetTags(string16& dst) override
auto GetAssetSubtype() -> uint32_t override
Returns the asset subtype such as BuildingEntertainment, PlantSmall, VehicleMilitaryWater,...
auto GetTimeCreated() -> int64_t override
auto HasName() -> bool override
Returns true if it has a name or author name.
auto func30h() -> int override
auto func34h() -> int override
auto func38h() -> int override
auto func3Ch() -> float override
auto GetKey() -> const ResourceKey& override
void AsyncSetKey(const ResourceKey& key) override
auto func48h() -> bool override
void func4Ch() override
void LoadData() override
auto GetAuthorID() -> int64_t override
auto func58h() -> bool override
auto func5Ch() -> bool override
auto IsEditable() -> bool override
auto func64h() -> bool override
auto IsShareable() -> bool override
auto func6Ch() -> bool override
auto IsShared() -> bool override
auto IsPlayable() -> bool override
auto IsViewableLarge() -> bool override
auto func7Ch() -> bool override
auto func80h() -> bool override
auto func84h() -> bool override
auto func88h() -> int override
auto GetConsequenceTraits(vector<uint32_t>& dst) -> bool override
auto GetAssetID(uint64_t& dst) -> bool override
auto GetTimeDownloaded() -> int64_t override
auto func98h() -> void* override
auto func9Ch() -> int override
void SetKeyInternal(const ResourceKey& key, bool asyncLoad) override
void SetAssetMetadata(bool asyncLoad) override
auto funcA8h() -> bool override
void SetSummary(bool asyncLoad) override
void ProcessSummary(OTDB::ParameterResource* pSummary) override
void SetParameter(const OTDB::Parameter& parameter) override

Public variables

cAssetMetadataPtr mpMetadata
PropertyListPtr field_20
bool mIsPlayable
bool mIsViewableLarge
bool mIsEditable
uint32_t mSubtype
int field_2C
float field_30
float field_34
float field_38
ObjectPtr field_3C
fixed_vector<int, 5> field_40
int field_6C
AsyncResourcePtr mpAsyncMetadata
AsyncResourcePtr mpAsyncSummary