Palettes namespace


class AdvancedItemViewer
class ColorPickerUI
This class holds all information related with the color picker in editor categories and its user interface.
class ColorSwatchUI
This class holds all information related with a single color button in editor categories and its user interface.
class cSPScenarioBrushItemUI
class cSwatchManager
class DefaultItemFrameUI
class IAdvancedItemUI
class IItemFrameUI
class ItemViewer
class OutfitterItemUI
class PageArrowsUI
The class that represents the fragment of user interface of the page numbers and arrow buttons in an Editors::PaletteCategory.
class PaletteCategory
A category in an editor palette contains pages.
class PaletteCategoryUI
This class holds all information related with the user interface of a palette category.
class PaletteInfo
class PaletteItem
Represents an item inside a palette page.
class PaletteIterator
Used to iterate through the items of an editors palette.
class PaletteMain
This object represents the palette of an editor.
class PalettePage
A page in an Palettes palette that contains multiple items (Palettes::PaletteItem).
class PalettePageUI
This class holds all information related with the user interface of a palette page.
class PaletteSubcategoriesUI
class PaletteUI
This class holds all information related to the user interface of a palette.
class StandardItemUI
class SubcategoryChangedMessage
struct UnkItemFrameMessage
struct UnkItemFrameMessage_
class UnkPageArrowsUI


enum ControlIDs { kControlEditButton = 0x5384F7B5 }
enum PaletteMessages { kMsgSetCreation = 0x53850BAF }


ASSERT_SIZE(AdvancedItemViewer, 0x1C8)
auto Addresses(AdvancedItemViewer) -> namespace
ASSERT_SIZE(ColorPickerUI, 0x50)
auto Addresses(ColorPickerUI) -> namespace
ASSERT_SIZE(ColorSwatchUI, 0xA8)
auto Addresses(ColorSwatchUI) -> namespace
ASSERT_SIZE(ItemViewer, 0x17C)
auto Addresses(ItemViewer) -> namespace
ASSERT_SIZE(PaletteCategory, 0x90)
auto Addresses(PaletteCategory) -> namespace
ASSERT_SIZE(PaletteCategoryUI, 0xFC)
ASSERT_SIZE(PageArrowsUI, 0x28)
auto Addresses(PaletteCategoryUI) -> namespace
auto Addresses(PageArrowsUI) -> namespace
ASSERT_SIZE(PaletteInfo, 0x34)
ASSERT_SIZE(PaletteItem, 0x54)
auto Addresses(PaletteItem) -> namespace
ASSERT_SIZE(PaletteIterator, 0x20)
auto Addresses(PaletteIterator) -> namespace
ASSERT_SIZE(PaletteMain, 0x40)
auto Addresses(PaletteMain) -> namespace
ASSERT_SIZE(PalettePage, 0x84)
auto Addresses(PalettePage) -> namespace
ASSERT_SIZE(PalettePageUI, 0x48)
auto Addresses(PalettePageUI) -> namespace
ASSERT_SIZE(PaletteSubcategoriesUI, 0x94)
ASSERT_SIZE(PaletteUI, 0x6C)
auto Addresses(PaletteUI) -> namespace
ASSERT_SIZE(StandardItemUI, 0x20)
auto Addresses(StandardItemUI) -> namespace
auto Addresses(cSwatchManager) -> namespace

Enum documentation

enum Palettes::ControlIDs


The ControlID of the button used to edit the creature.

Function documentation