Palettes::PaletteSubcategoriesUI class

Base classes

class UTFWin::IWinProc
This class is a window procedure, also known as an event/message listener.
class App::IUnmanagedMessageListener
Same as App::IMessageListener, but this one does not use ref-counting.
class DefaultRefCounted
The default implementation of a reference counted class.

Public functions

auto AddRef() -> int pure virtual
auto Release() -> int pure virtual

Public variables

IWindowPtr mpContainerWindow
int mActiveCategory
float mButtonHeight
float mPageHeight
Math::Rectangle mContainerArea
vector<UTFWin::IButton*> mTitleButtons
vector<UTFWin::IWindow*> field_44
vector<UTFWin::IWindow*> mTitleContainers
vector<intrusive_ptr<PaletteCategoryUI>> mCategoryUIs
vector<float> mScaleFactors