UI::CursorAttachment class

Used to create mouse rollovers (like "tooltips").

Usually this class is inherited to display custom functionality This class is inherited to create the timeline rollovers, vehicle editor speed/attack/health rollovers,...

Base classes

class UTFWin::IWinProc
This class is a window procedure, also known as an event/message listener.
class DefaultRefCounted
The default implementation of a reference counted class.

Derived classes

class CivCommCursorAttachment
Class that controls the rollover that shows the relations with another civilization.

Public functions

auto Initialize() -> bool virtual
auto func20h() -> void virtual
auto Dispose() -> bool virtual

Public variables

UTFWin::UILayout mLayout
uint32_t mLayoutInstanceID
uint32_t mLayoutGroupID
eastl::vector_map<int, int> field_2C
bool field_44
uint32_t mMainWindowID
Control ID of the main window in the layout.
float field_4C
Clock field_50
float field_68
int field_6C
int field_70
bool field_74