UI namespace


namespace GameSettings


class cHintManager
class CivCommCursorAttachment
Class that controls the rollover that shows the relations with another civilization.
class cLayerManager
class cSPUILayeredObject
class cSPUITextZoom
class cUINewProgressBar
class CursorAttachment
Used to create mouse rollovers (like "tooltips").
class EditorNamePanel
class GlobalUI
class GlobalUIUnkBase1
class GlobalUIUnkBase2
class IHintConditioner
class ITokenTranslator
class Minimap
class ScrollFrameVertical
class SpaceGameUI
User interface for the Space game. The main SPUI is 0x1e453b88.spui
class SpaceToolPanelUI
A class that represents one of the panels that contain multiple tools in the space tool palette.
class TiledScrollPanel


ASSERT_SIZE(CivCommCursorAttachment, 0x100)
ASSERT_SIZE(cSPUILayeredObject, 0x7C)
ASSERT_SIZE(cSPUITextZoom, 0x78)
auto Addresses(cSPUITextZoom) -> namespace
ASSERT_SIZE(cUINewProgressBar, 0x38)
ASSERT_SIZE(CursorAttachment, 0x78)
ASSERT_SIZE(EditorNamePanel, 0x38)
auto Addresses(EditorNamePanel) -> namespace
auto Addresses(GameSettings) -> namespace
auto Addresses(cHintManager) -> namespace
ASSERT_SIZE(cLayerManager, 0x98)
auto Addresses(cLayerManager) -> namespace
ASSERT_SIZE(Minimap, 0x9A8)
auto Addresses(ScrollFrameVertical) -> namespace
auto Addresses(SpaceGameUI) -> namespace
ASSERT_SIZE(TiledScrollPanel, 0x70)

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