Simulator::ISimulatorSerializable class

Base classes

class Object
This class represents a basic reference counted object.

Derived classes

class Pollinator::cSPAchievementSerializer
class ICityMusic
class ISimulatorSerializableRefCounted
class cCollectableItems
class cCommEvent
class cGameData
Base class for most Simulator objects.
class cGonzagoSimulator
class cNPCStore
class cRelationshipManager
Handles relationships between political entities.
class cSavedGameHeader
class cSolarSystem
Holds visual information about a solar system in the solar system view, or when inside a planet.
class cSpaceInventoryItem
Represents an item of the space player inventory. This include space tools and cargo.
class cStarRecord
Keeps all the information related to a star and all the elements in its solar system.

Public static variables

static const uint32_t TYPE

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

~ISimulatorSerializable() virtual

Public functions

auto Write(ISerializerStream* stream) -> bool pure virtual
auto Read(ISerializerStream* stream) -> bool pure virtual
auto ISimulatorSerializable_func18h() -> bool pure virtual
auto WriteToXML(XmlSerializer*) -> bool pure virtual
auto GetNounID() const -> uint32_t pure virtual