Simulator::cCommEvent class


Base classes

class ISimulatorSerializable
class IVirtual
A default interface that provides a virtual destructor, it should only be used internally.

Public variables

int mnRefCount
cCommEventType mEventType
int field_10
int field_14
uint32_t mSource
uint32_t mTarget
cCityPtr mpSourceCity
cCityPtr mpTargetCity
cCivilizationPtr mpSourceCivilization
cCivilizationPtr mpTargetCivilization
bool mbVisibleInGalaxy
PlanetID mPlanetKey
uint32_t mFileID
uint32_t mDialogID
eastl::intrusive_ptr<cMission> mpMission
int mPriority
unsigned int mDuration
unsigned int mElapsedTime
eastl::vector<int> mDynamicResponses
eastl::vector<int> field_64
eastl::vector<int> field_78
eastl::vector<int> field_8C