Simulator::cRelationshipManager class

Base classes

class UnknownManagerSuperclass
class App::IMessageListener
An interface that can receive messages sent through the app.
class ISimulatorSerializable

Public static variables

static const uint32_t TYPE

Public static functions

static auto Get() -> cRelationshipManager*
Gets the active relationship manager, which depends on the current game stage.

Public functions

auto IsAtWar(cEmpire* pEmpire1, cEmpire* pEmpire2) -> bool
void DeclareWar(cEmpire* pEmpire1, cEmpire* pEmpire2)
auto ApplyRelationship(uint32_t empireID, uint32_t causeEmpireID, uint32_t relationshipID, float scale = 1.0f) -> float

Protected variables

float field_10
float field_14
float field_18
float field_1C
bool mbIsInitialized
map<int, cRelationshipData> mRelationships
int field_40
int field_44
vector<int> field_48
int field_5C
vector<uint32_t> mEmpiresToDecayPending
int field_74
int field_78
int field_7C
int field_80
int field_84
App::MessageListenerData mMessageData
vector<int> field_9C
int field_B0
vector<int> field_B4
int field_C8
vector<int> field_CC
int field_E0
map<int, int> field_E4