Simulator::cCultureSet class

Contains the IDs of all the creation types of a specific "culture" or civilization/empire.

This maps each member of the ModelTypes enum to a creation ID.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators


Public functions

auto SetCreation(ModelTypes creationType, const ResourceKey& modelKey) -> const ResourceKey&
Assigns a creation to a certain type.
auto GetCreation(ModelTypes creationType) -> const ResourceKey*

Protected variables

eastl::map<uint32_t, ResourceKey> mModelTypeToKeyMap

Function documentation

const ResourceKey& Simulator::cCultureSet::SetCreation(ModelTypes creationType, const ResourceKey& modelKey)

Assigns a creation to a certain type.


The available types can be found in the ModelTypes enum, such as "BuildingCityHall". The ResourceKey points directly to the creation model (the .bld, .crt,... files)