App::GameSpace class


Base classes

class IGameMode
An interface that represents a mode in the game, that can receive mouse/keyboard input and update every frame.
class IMessageListener
An interface that can receive messages sent through the app.
class Simulator::cStrategy

Public variables

bool field_24
char _padding_25
eastl::vector<int> field_68
int field_7C
int field_80
int field_84
bool field_88
int field_8C
int field_90
int field_94
int field_98
int field_9C
int field_A0
Simulator::cGonzagoTimer mSpaceGameTime
GameInput mInput
Clock field_110
int field_128
int field_12C
bool field_130
bool field_131
int field_134
int field_138
int field_13C
int field_140
eastl::vector<int> field_144
bool field_158
cSimulatorSpaceGamePtr mpSimulator
int field_160
int field_164
bool field_168
bool field_169
bool field_16A
int field_16C
eastl::list<int> field_170
eastl::list<int> field_17C
ObjectPtr mEmpireGrowthSim
bool field_18C
bool field_18D
bool field_18E
bool field_18F
bool field_190
bool field_191
bool field_192
int field_194