Simulator::cGamePersistenceManager class

Base classes

class App::IMessageListener
An interface that can receive messages sent through the app.
class cStrategy

Public static functions

static auto Get() -> cGamePersistenceManager*

Public functions

auto LoadGame(const GameLoadParameters& parameters) -> bool virtual
Call GameNounManager.EnsurePlayer() to avoid game crashes.
auto func14h(int) -> void virtual
auto func18h(int, int) -> void virtual
auto func1Ch() -> bool virtual
auto func1Ch(uint32_t) -> bool virtual

Public variables

int field_20
int field_24
int field_28
int field_2C
int field_30
eastl::string16 field_34
bool field_44
bool field_45
bool field_46
bool field_47
int field_48