Simulator::cGameBehaviorManager class

Base classes

class App::IMessageListener
An interface that can receive messages sent through the app.
class cStrategy

Public static functions

static auto Get() -> cGameBehaviorManager*

Public functions

auto func10h() -> int virtual
auto func14h(int) -> int virtual
auto func18h(int) -> void virtual
auto func1Ch(int, int, int, int) -> int virtual
auto func20h(cBehaviorBase* pBehavior, cBehaviorAgent* pTargetAgent, cBehaviorList* pOwner, int) -> int virtual
auto func24h(int, int, int, int) -> int virtual
auto func28h() -> void virtual
auto func2Ch() -> void virtual
auto func30h() -> void virtual
auto GetAgents() -> const eastl::vector<cBehaviorAgentPtr>& virtual
auto AddAgent(cBehaviorAgent* agent) -> bool virtual
auto RemoveAgent(cBehaviorAgent* agent) -> bool virtual
auto HasAgent(cBehaviorAgent* agent) -> bool virtual
auto func44h() -> void virtual

Public variables

Clock* mpStopwatch
eastl::vector<cBehaviorAgentPtr> mAgents
eastl::list<ObjectPtr> field_38
eastl::vector<eastl::pair<int, ObjectPtr>> field_44
int field_58
int field_5C
eastl::vector<eastl::pair<int, ObjectPtr>> field_60
int field_74
int field_78
eastl::vector<eastl::pair<int, ObjectPtr>> field_7C
int field_90
int field_94
int field_98
int field_9C
bool field_A0