Terrain::cWeatherManager class

Base classes

class UnkWeatherManager
class App::IMessageListener
An interface that can receive messages sent through the app.

Public types

template<typename T>
struct PropertyContainer

Public static variables

static const uint32_t WORLD_ID

Public variables

IEffectWorldPtr mpEffectWorld
int field_10
IEffectPtr mpLowAtmoEffect
IEffectPtr mpMidAtmoEffect
IEffectPtr mpHighAtmoEffect
IEffectPtr mpLoopBoxAtmoEffect
IEffectPtr mpLoopBoxGroundEffect
IEffectPtr field_28
IEffectPtr field_2C
IEffectPtr field_30
IEffectPtr field_34
uint32_t mLowAtmoEffectID
uint32_t mMidAtmoEffectID
uint32_t mHighAtmoEffectID
int field_44
uint32_t mLoopBoxAtmoEffectID
uint32_t mLoopBoxGroundEffectID
int field_50
uint32_t mColdStormLoopboxID
uint32_t mWarmStormLoopboxID
uint32_t mHotStormLoopboxID
uint32_t mIceAmbientEffectID
uint32_t mColdAmbientEffectID
uint32_t mAmbientLoopboxID
uint32_t mHotAmbientEffectID
uint32_t mLavaAmbientEffectID
int field_74
uint32_t mColdStormEffectID
uint32_t mWarmStormEffectID
uint32_t mHotStormEffectID
int field_84
uint32_t mColdLocalStormEffectID
uint32_t mWarmLocalStormEffectID
uint32_t mHotLocalStormEffectID
int field_94
int mRainRampMS
float mRainDarkness
int field_A0
uint32_t mEvaporationEffectID
uint32_t mFreezeEffectID
bool mEffectsAreLoaded
bool mInitialized
PropertyContainer<int> mWeatherLevel
PropertyContainer<bool> mWeatherOn
int field_D0
IModelWorldPtr mpModelWorld
ISwarmManagerPtr mpSwarmMgr
ICameraManagerPtr mpCameraMgr
ITerrain* mpTerrain
cTerrainStateMgr* mpTerrainStateMgr
cTerrainMapSet* mpTerrainMapSet
float field_EC
float field_F0
float field_F4
float field_F8
float field_FC
ColorRGB mIceCloudColor
ColorRGB mColdCloudColor
ColorRGB mWarmCloudColor
ColorRGB mHotCloudColor
ColorRGB mLavaCloudColor
int field_13C
int field_140
int field_144
ResourceID mCloudID
int field_150
int field_154
int field_158
int field_15C
int field_160
int mJetStreamMidRes
int field_168
bool field_16C
bool field_16D
vector<IEffectPtr> field_170
RandomNumberGenerator mRNG
PropertyListPtr mpPropList
int mPropOpCount
float mAtmoTempChange
float mCloudTrailDecay
float mWriteForceDecay
int mMaxNumStorms