Simulator::cSpaceGfx class

Base classes

class cStrategy

Public static functions

static auto Get() -> cSpaceGfx*
static auto GetObjectScale(SpaceGfxObjectType type, float tValue, bool isFromPlanet) -> float
Returns the scale in which planets, moons, gas giants and stars are displayed in the.

Public functions

auto InitializeInternal() -> void
auto DisposeInternal() -> void

Public variables

IVisualEffectPtr mpGalaxyEffect
The effect that shows the stars in the galaxy. sg_galaxy, uses mpGalaxyEffectWorld.
IVisualEffectPtr field_20
Shows extra lonely stars outside the galaxy, only visible when zooming out the galaxy. 0x5C830352, uses mpGalaxyEffectWorld.
IVisualEffectPtr mpGalaxyScreenEffect
Gloom effect that makes the galaxy brighter, only visible when zooming out the galaxy. sg_galaxy_screen, uses mpGalaxyEffectWorld.
IVisualEffectPtr mpGalaxyAmbienceEffect
The blue-ish image with the shape of the galaxy. sg_galaxy_ambience, uses mpGalaxyEffectWorld.
IVisualEffectPtr field_2C
0xC467B744, uses mpGalaxyEffectWorld
IVisualEffectPtr field_30
0x840CEA6, uses field_94
IVisualEffectPtr field_34
0x45846142, uses field_94
int field_38
eastl::map<int, int> field_3C
int field_58
int field_5C
IVisualEffectPtr field_60
0x4CAB5702, uses field_94
IVisualEffectPtr field_64
Some gloom around the sun? 0x4E7A261F, uses field_94.
IVisualEffectPtr field_68
Some gloom around the sun? 0xC150010A, uses field_94.
IVisualEffectPtr mpSolarSystemSkybox
solar_system_skybox, uses field_94
IVisualEffectPtr field_70
Some gloom around the sun? 0xF1F7D4DC, uses field_94.
IVisualEffectPtr field_74
0xBF4763D8, uses field_94
IVisualEffectPtr field_78
"star dust" particles floating around, 0xA0C77D6F, uses field_94
IVisualEffectPtr field_7C
Static stars in the sky (that don't move), 0x3EAC08A, uses field_A4.
IVisualEffectPtr field_80
Galaxies and some dust in the background, 0x3EAF98C, uses field_A4.
IVisualEffectPtr field_84
Moving stars in the sky, 0x3EBF4AE, uses field_9C.
IVisualEffectPtr field_88
Galaxies and some dust in the background, less bright than field_80, 0x3EBF4B5, uses field_9C.
ObjectPtr field_8C
ObjectPtr field_90
IEffectsWorldPtr field_94
ID 0x17F40C7
IEffectsWorldPtr mpSolarSystemEffectWorld
ID 0x17F40C8, only unsuspended in solar system view.
IEffectsWorldPtr field_9C
ID 0x26F8FCB, used for planet atmosphere?
ObjectPtr field_A0
IEffectsWorldPtr field_A4
ID 0x284E479
ObjectPtr field_A8
IEffectsWorldPtr mpGalaxyEffectWorld
ID 0x17F40C9, only unsuspended in galaxy view.
IEffectsWorldPtr field_B0
ID 0x67247E6
ObjectPtr field_B4
ObjectPtr field_B8
int field_BC
ObjectPtr field_C0
ObjectPtr field_C4
char padding_C8
bool mInitialized
Math::Vector3 field_104
Math::Vector3 field_110
Math::Vector3 field_11C
int field_128
unsigned int mGalaxyDustEffectLerpMS
Math::Vector3 mGalaxyMaxZoomDustColor
PropertyListPtr mpSpaceGalaxyEffectPropList