Simulator::Cell::cCellObjectData struct

Base classes

struct Simulator::cObjectPoolClass
Base class for all objects that are used inside a cObjectPool.

Public functions

auto IsCreature() -> bool
Returns true if this cell represents an actual creature, and false for everything else (such as rocks, food, bubbles, ...)
auto IsPlayer() -> bool
Returns true if this is the player cell.
auto GetPosition() -> const Math::Vector3&
Returns the current position of the cell.

Public variables

bool mIsIdle
Math::Vector3 mTargetPosition
Target position, changing this moves the cell towards the target.
Math::Quaternion mTargetOrientation
Math::Vector3 field_24
Math::Vector3 field_30
int field_3C
int field_40
float field_44
Transform mTransform
float mRelativeElevation
Elevation of the cell relative to the current level.
Math::Vector3 field_84
Math::Vector3 field_90
int field_9C
float mOpacity
float mTargetOpacity
float field_A8
float field_AC
int field_B0
float mTargetSize
float field_B8
float field_BC
Transform field_C0
int field_F8
ResourceKey mModelKey
Key of the main model used, this is 0 for all cells that are not actual creatures.
cCellDataReference<cCellCellResource>* mCellResource
int field_10C
bool field_110
bool mIsInvulnerable
bool field_112
bool field_113
int field_114
int field_118
int field_11C
int field_120
int field_124
int field_128
Math::Vector3 field_12C
Math::Vector3 field_138
int field_144
int field_148
int field_14C
float field_150
int field_154
int field_158
float field_15C
int field_160
int field_164
int field_168
int field_16C
int field_170
int field_174
int field_178
int field_17C
int field_180
int field_184
int field_188
CellAnimations field_18C
int field_190
int field_194
int field_198
int field_19C
int field_1A0
int field_1A4
int field_1A8
int field_1AC
CellAnimations mCurrentAnimation
CellAnimations field_1B4
float field_1B8
int field_1BC
float field_1C0
int field_1C4
int field_1C8
int field_1CC
float field_1D0
int field_1D4
int field_1D8
int field_1DC
int field_1E0
int field_1E4
int field_1E8
int field_1EC
int field_1F0
int field_1F4
int field_1F8
Math::Vector3 field_1FC
cObjectPoolIndex field_208
int field_20C
int field_210
cObjectPoolIndex field_214
int field_218
float mFleeCellTime
How much time is remaining on the current flee from another cell.
cObjectPoolIndex mFleeCellIndex
Index of a cell this cell is fleeing.
float field_224
int field_228
cObjectPoolIndex mChaseCellIndex
Index of a cell this cell is chasing.
float mChaseCellTime
How much time is remaining on the current chase of another cell.
float mSpawnTime
float field_238
int field_23C
int field_240
int mHealthPoints
Current health points of the cell, the maximum is 6.
cObjectPoolIndex mGFXObjectIndex
Index to the object in cCellGFX::mCellGFXObjects that visually represents this cell (its model, animated creature, etc.)
int field_24C
int field_250
int field_254
int field_258
int field_25C
int field_260
int field_264
int field_268
int field_26C
int field_270
int field_274
int field_278
int field_27C
int field_280
int field_284
int field_288
int field_28C
int field_290
int field_294
int field_298
int field_29C
int field_2A0
int field_2A4
int field_2A8
int field_2AC
int field_2B0
int field_2B4
int field_2B8
int field_2BC
int field_2C0
int field_2C4
int field_2C8
int field_2CC
int field_2D0
int field_2D4
int field_2D8
int field_2DC
int field_2E0
int field_2E4
int field_2E8
int field_2EC
int field_2F0
int field_2F4
int field_2F8
int field_2FC
int field_300
int field_304
int field_308
int field_30C
int field_310
int field_314
int field_318
int field_31C
int field_320
int field_324
int field_328
int field_32C
int field_330
int field_334
int field_338
int field_33C
int field_340
int field_344
int field_348
int field_34C
int field_350
bool field_354
CellStageScale mScale
Level of the cell, -1 for the player.
cCellQueryLinkedPool* mpQuery
void* field_360
int field_364
float field_368
int field_36C
int field_370
float field_374
int field_378
int field_37C
int field_380
int field_384
int field_388
int field_38C
int field_390
int field_394