UTFWin::ComponentSerialization struct

A structure that defines how a class is stored in an SPUI.

Public types

using UnkMethod1 = bool(*)(void*)
using UnkMethod2 = bool(*)()
using OnSerializationFinished = void(*)(void*)

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

ComponentSerialization(uint16_t type, uint32_t proxyID, size_t objectSize, SerializedProperty* properties, size_t propertiesCount)

Public variables

uint16_t type
The type of component, one in UTFWin::SerializedTypes; usually kTypePointer.
uint32_t proxyID
The proxy ID used to identify the component type.
size_t objectSize
The sizeof() of the class to be serialized.
SerializedProperty* pProperties
A pointer to the properties of the class.
size_t propertiesCount
How many properties there are in pProperties
UnkMethod1 field_14
UnkMethod2 field_18
OnSerializationFinished onSerializationFinished
Optional method called after the serialization has been finished. The parameter is the object.