template<typename DetourClass, typename Result, typename ... Parameters>
static_detour_<DetourClass, Result(Parameters...)> struct

The object used for detouring static functions.

Template parameters
Parameters The parameter types of the function to detour, can be empty.

This is internal, for real usage check static_detour macro.

Public types

using detour_pointer = Result(*)(Parameters...)
The type of function pointer used to keep track of the original function.
using detour_object = static_detour_<DetourClass, Result(Parameters...)>

Public static variables

static detour_pointer original_function
The pointer to the original function, you can call this with the same parameters as the function.

Public static functions

static auto detoured_function(Parameters... args) -> Result
static auto attach(UINT function_address) -> LONG
static auto detach() -> LONG

Public functions

auto detoured(Parameters...) -> Result